My Aunt

It all started when I was in fifth grade.

I was bored staying at home during the weekends trying to coordinate times with my friends to find times for us to hang out. My mom talked to my Aunt Linda. We hardly ever saw each other because she lived 20 miles away from us in Rochester. She was always working and taking care of her kids, which was the right thing to do. When my mom talked to my aunt, she said. “Do you think that Dougie can come out and stay with you for the weekend?” My aunt said, “Of course I will find a way to get him out here and then we can talk about how he will get home.

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Can he stay until Sunday so that we will be able to cut the grass and then I will find something for us to do.” So I went out that weekend , Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When my mom came to get me on Sunday, I told my aunt, “I would love to come out more often to help her with all of the work that you need done to the house.” I went to school the next couple of weeks with just Talking toy aunt but I wasn’t going out there. That Thursday night sh3e called me and asked me, “do you want to come out tomorrow night and you can help me with the grass?” I said, “YES!!!” After that weekend I did such a good job on all of the work that we did, my aunt was calling me all of the time to ask me, “Do you want to come to my house to help me with the work around the hpouse and then I can take you somewhere fun to play!!” During the weekend I would help her cut the grass on the riding lawn mower which I though was so cool, and I would weed wack aroung her pool to make the flowers look even better. We took on little projects here and there to help maintain the equipment and things that she had.

My aunt is widowed so it is hard for her to take care of cutting the grass and doing all of that work on top of cleaning her house and making sure that everything is correct. I hope that me and my aunts relationship will be4 good for years to come. ” I love helping my aunt, and I lover her!!”