My Road to Success

Ever since I have learned about my dad’s job, I have always thought he was successful. He is a psychologist, he enjoys his job, and helping people everyday.

A successful job to me has good pay, helps people, and has a fair amount of interest. My dad is one of the few people I look up to and I want to be just like him. He is a hard worker with a great mind set.My goal is to have a successful job. I am going to tell you three reasons that support my goal, and how they will hopefully affect my life.

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I would like my job to have decent pay so I can use that money towards meaningful things in my life. One of the main things I would use my money for is a big, modern, and suitable house. This house would be perfect for raising a family and having pets. Some of my money would be set aside for emergencies, or college for my children. I would put about one-fourth in at a time of my money I earn, maybe less. I want to be able to live a comfortable, happy life.

This includes: not having to worry about being short when I pay bills, buy a good amount of things for fun, and having enough to raise a family. I don’t just want this job to help me, I want to help other people too. I like to help people and sometimes I cannot be happy unless everyone I care about is happy. I want my job to help people, and save them from their tragedies. I like to know that I helped that person and made their life just a little bit better. The biggest thing I take out of this is the feeling I get when I help them.

As a result, I get a feeling filled with joy, warmth, and pride. I feel that I will contribute to the world in a positive way. Helping people will make them happy, and positivity is something this world needs more of. Just the fact that I know I helped the world in a good way will help me through each day. Helping people is a benefit about my goal, but I think it also needsto be interesting. The successful job I want has to be interesting, because I have to go to it everyday.

I would prefer my job to be in the criminal justice or medical field. I find them interesting, I help people in both of them, and they both can be high paying jobs which support my three reasons.Both of the fields serve justice in my opinion, and also save the world at the same time. These jobs require the skills that I possess. I believe I can be successful in these fields, and be able to achieve my goal. One day I will take after my dad in having a good paying, helping and interesting job.

We both are and will be successful one day. I will fulfill my dad’s work in the world, and be a hard worker saving people’s lives. All three of my reasons connect together and build a clear picture of what I want my job to be like. My goal will require a lot of schooling, studying, testing, stress, hard work, and many long days, I believe my goal is very attainable and I believe in myself to achieve this.