Newspaper Report

Customer Habits : select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experience, or idea to satisfy needs and The impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society. Reading Habits : * The creation of a strong desire to read. Customer Preferences: * Customers are informed and reminders about the product and are requested and persuaded to purchase Their product. Brand Preferences : * The degree to which consumer prefers one brand over another. * The extent to which a consumer makes purchasing decisions based on brand name rather than the quality off product or price.

Rational Of Study The findings of this study take the industry understanding of readership beyond “what” people read, into how and why they read, how they react and interact with the newspaper, and how they feel about it all. Producing a newspaper is more than Just providing discrete pieces of news and information, and associated pieces of service, but creating an overall engaging experience for the consumer. For instance, newspapers that give readers “something to talk about” with colleagues, friends and family create a positive experience and encourage a readership habit.

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If they could intensify that experience, the research suggests, they could enhance readership. Conversely, if readers feel that the newspaper contributes to their sense of being overwhelmed by news, they tend to read less.

If newspapers could minimize that experience, and provide ways to help people manage what they perceive as a flood of information, they could enhance readership. If motivating experiences are significantly improved by major changes to content, service, brand and marketing, readership should improve.

And there is plenty of room for improvement: while readers report having many positive experiences, they tend to be only moderately positive. Intentionally or not, every newspaper creates a variety of experiences for its readers. Understanding the experience of current readers ? especially lighter readers ? is the first step to make it much better.

Research Methodology Method of Data Collection. What is Primary data: Primary data is original research data in its raw form, without any analysis or processing. This data provides a wealth of information for researchers.

And the least read newspaper is DNA. After Restaurants Partake this age group seems to have more interest in Danni Babushka.

* Under the age group of 45-60, readers are more interested in reading Restaurants Patria, and the least interested newspapers are The Hindu, DNA, and Hindustan Times. This age group is more admired towards Restaurants Patria and Danni Babushka. Fig: Sections Most Admired * Under the age group of 18-30, respondents are more inclined towards reading General News, and are least interested in reading Local News.

They have an average interest towards Business, Entertainment, and Sports and a minimum interest towards Political and Article Sections. * Age group of 30-45 are more interested in reading Business, General, and Sports news and have an equal interest towards Articles and Entertainment sections and partially interested in reading Political, Economic, and Local News.

* The age group of 45-60 are more interested in reading Political and Local news rather than core interest towards Sports and Economic news. Minimum percentage have interest towards Articles and Entertainment.

Recommendations & Conclusion This completion of project work compelled us to know the different habits and preferences associated with newspaper selection. It also gave us the privilege to communicate with different people and their suggestions on newspaper habits. Gathering information from them, we realized how their liking and disliking and adds value to the buying of newspaper. The limitation faced during this project work was qualitative response from respondent, as their words play a major role in our research work.

To conclude it was a very good experience for all of us.