Nuclear Fusion

Energy is getting scarcer everyday and Humans have continually come up with ways to deal with this problem. All we need for energy is something that has the ability to turn a turbine; or in such another manor the ability to create electricity. This only applies to solar energy. One of the future energy abilities that would astound scientists is the thought/idea of nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is caused by the fusion of two hydrogen atoms.

When these fuse together they should equal helium because two protons and two neutrons are the chemical formula for the atom helium. Instead the two hydrogen atoms weigh more than one helium atom. This causes a massive nuclear reaction which releases an energy force that measures 75 million degrees Fahrenheit. The process of nuclear fusion is the process by which the sun creates its own energy. The problem with this temperature is that the strongest element to resist heat is Tungsten. Tungsten can only resist 6192 degrees Fahrenheit before it melts.

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The only way to keep this fusion from completely destroying the facility is by the opposite rotation of magnates. This magnetic force creates tungsten’s melting temperature much greater to resist the force and heat of the nuclear fusion. To measure the magnitude of the amount of energy fusion creates is nearly impossible to put it into perspective one fusion reactor would produce enough energy to power the entire the world. The reason once again for the power again is because temporarily the hydrogen is an incredible isotope of helium but almost instantly changes back into hydrogen releasing incredible amounts of energy. The problem also would be able to harness this energy and turn it into electrical and mechanical energy.

Fusion has only been done once in a lab before in Europe. The problem is once again harnessing this energy. Once engineers figure out this we will be able to power the world with only one plant. Thank you