Omo Commercial Television Analysis

In this consumer’s-rather-than-buyer’s market, the consumers power is Increasingly Intimidating. Besides trying to better the quality of the products, producers’ ultimate goal should be finding a way to get into prospects’ mind. Realizing this, the leading brand in Vietnam detergent market – MOM launched a series of commercials bombarding the media with Television as the key channel. In this essay, we attempt to analyze a particular ad in the series on several aspects.

This ad Is Mom’s endeavor Into the new market of liquid detergent: the “MOM liquid detergent – whirlwind power”. 1 . Brand awareness For a long time, MOM has established its position in consumers’ mind as one of the leading brands In the detergent market. This ad belongs too series of commercials frequently appears on the “small screen” to repeatedly remind people of Mom’s already strong presence and strengthen its status. As a matter of fact, MOM In Vietnam Is always known as a high-class detergent product. O cannot mistake MOM for other products in the same category.

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Undoubtedly, MOMS touch can be felt through 31 -seconds length of the clip: from the iconic color of red and blue to the continuity of the theme “Dirt is good” – a very successful campaign started by MOM from both practical and social perspective. MOM is known in the Vietnam market as the leading powder detergent. Realizing a gap on the market of liquid detergent with only Ariel as the leader, this may be Mom’s venture to get the second rung on the ladder in the mind of prospects (the law of ladder).

However, it chose a totally different way from Ariel to approach the market. This an be considered as a way of applying “the law of opposite”: “If you are shooting for second place, your strategy is determined by the leader”. If you want to establish a foothold on the second rung of the ladder, study the firm above you.

How is it strong? And how to turn that strength into a weakness. You must discover the essence of the leader and present the prospects with the opposite. In other word, don’t try to be better, try to be different.

Specifically, while Ariel usually appears in the ads as professional with some foreign experts carrying out trial experiments in a white, ERM-free lab; MOM – with its unrivalled experience in Vietnam market, has decided to take the simple, cozy house as the backstage for its commercial. There are only 3 familiar characters featured: a boy kid, a grandma and a housewife. This screams out: “Women of the house, we are targeting you! ” After all, when it comes to Asian culture, if you want to get to people’s (especially women’s) heart and mind, family is always a good choice to start with.

. Capture attention It can’t be denied that this particular ad by MOM is much loved by prospects. With only 31 seconds, MOM managed to tell a whole story – and a very good one at that. The ad starts with a tricky situation teasing human mind’s curiosity: A boy wanted his grandma to get on the I-seat bicycle with him. People would unconsciously ask themselves: “How would they solve this? ” “How is this even related to a detergent? ” Next, when the boy spoiled his white T-shirt with mechanic oil, here’s where our hero – Mom’s liquid detergent comes in – naturally, indeed.

This narration is obviously better cleaned! ” ads where everyone can easily see through the progress and result. Moreover, MOM made a wise choice in picking the word “whirlwind” for this new product. Not only is it fitting to the characteristics of the product (a liquid that sweep out everything on its way), the word also made a very strong impression to the mind. In addition, by repeatedly mentioning the word “whirlwind”, MOM is applying the law of focus. They “burn” their way into the prospects’ mind by narrowing the focus to a single word – “whirlwind”.

Now that MOM owns a “powerful word” in the mind of its prospects, MOM meaner “whirlwind” and vice versa. Moreover, the word chosen by MOM is very simple and benefit oriented. As stated above, MOM is famous for its powder detergents and this extension into the liquid market can be risky because it’s difficult (even impossible) to change people’s mind. Therefore, MOM didn’t try to “worm its way into their mind”, it “blasts” – or more exactly “whirlwinds” – into their perception. Owning this unique word, MOM secures a firm position both at the 2nd rung on the ladder and in prospects’ mind.

Last but not least, the simple comparison appearing in the ad: “twice as powerful” as not less impressive. It’s simple, easy for the brain to process and understand, hence very efficient. 4. Raise potential aims of clients Having long passed the time of being a mere detergent, MOM now is trying to show the public that it’s aiming at a higher target and paying more attention to corporate social responsibility. Firstly, in this ad, MOM continued its very successful campaign “Dirt is good” and expressed its encouragement in nourishing children’s creativity and discovery. Dirt is viewed from a totally different aspect.

It is not scary, in contrast, it contains deeply spiritual values, expresses humane and educational values. Indeed, the idea that a child can innovate a bicycle hits the much concerned issue of many parent’s: how to allow their kids to explore both theoretical and practical knowledge without holding back. On a broader point of view, through this ad, MOM also encourages adults not to overprotect their kids. Instead parent’s should motivate kids to step up and do the things they want: helping others, expressing feelings in their own ways, playing, exploring and growing up actively.

At the same time, with this idea, MOM is sending out a very special message: “Women of the house, when you are washing clothes, you are also expressing your love and care for your children, for their growing up.

MOM understands and treasures your role in the family. ” This brings Mom’s liquid detergent to another level realize that washing clothes is a way to show their love for their relatives, to love and to be loved. Last but not least, the atmosphere created in the ad is that of a happy family with here generations (which, obviously, is very common in Vietnamese culture).

There is special harmony among these three characters reminding people of their family: the grandma’s way of loving her grandson, his attachment to her, the housework sharing between mother and daughter..

. These tiny details Just get to people’s heart and mind in the most natural way. This very wise move on Mom’s part gains a lot of love from the public in general and housewives in particular. These deeper meanings behind the ad give MOM a higher social value, separating itself from other products and competitors.