Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Date: Change has been one of the most difficult things to manage in an organization. Managers and supervises or experience a lot of opposition from their staff who think that their status has been destabilized.

According to this scenario, the local community has created a lot of opposition to the implementation of several policies within the community. According to Kurt analysis, field analyze is one of the most effective tools of managing change. This will assist in proper implementation of change and reduce the level of opposition o the intended policies. The following three model strategy will be used to ensure that there is a proper implementation of the intended policy. Unfreezing This is one of the policies of reducing the pressure that wants to maintain the same status and also change the current way of thinking. By availing confronting obstacles or make the community to identify the need to change and look for better solution strong>Transition This will involve coming up with new behaviors attitudes and values through the changes in organizational processes and structure and coming up with development techniques.

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This might result to a big confusion as we progress to new ways of doing things Freezing This is a final stage of adaptation of new ways of doing things. An organization may go back to former ways of operations unless new changes are effected through freezingIn doing the root analysis, the root cause of opposition to change. This analysis uses some steps where one action leads to the other one. This includes: Determining what might have happened, why it happened and Measures on how to reduce the likelihood of reoccurring RCA presupposes that ally events and system relate to each other and one action triggers the other section. In this scenario, there are three types of causes of a problem.

Human causes i.e. nobody has done civic education regarding the importance of accepting change. Organizational causes- there was poor structure in communication where the staff were not informed about the changes in policies thus resulting to poor performance of employees By using the decision grid, the best method will involve the best method which in this case will be acceptable and that is cost effective. The scale of 1 to 5 will be used to identify the best alternative.

As mention in the earlier in the stages, unfreezing is one of the difficult stage in implementation process. This is because it involves destabilizing the status quo of individual and imparting changes in the way people do things in an organization.The greatest lesson ever learned in this class is management of change. One cannot stop changing but we must learn to change from old way of operating in our societies in order to be successful in our endeavor. In order to manage transition, there should be proper civic education and involvement of all the stakeholders in the community.