Our Rights!

We do have rights.

Even if we may not have too many, but we still do have rights. And yet we find our rights taken away by parents, teachers, principles, and more. I find this very disturbing because us teenagers are more capable of making choices for ourselves than people give us credit for. First right we have: The right to an education.- I’m guessing most of us go to school. Most minors between the ages of 6-16 are required to attend school.

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Some are required to attend school longer. Our second right: The right to be healthy and safe.- If your guardians abuse or neglect you, then they are taking away one of the most important rights you have. Depending on how bad your guardians beat or neglet you, you may or may not be able to reaport them. But, if you have evidence or an eye wittness then you can and should report them.

Our third right: Religious rights.- We have the right to believe whatever we want to believe. Nobody can force us to believe what they believe not parents, guardians, grandparents, ect. Our fourth right: The right to privacy.- Yes, we do have a right to our own privacy. While our guardians can go into our rooms while we are in there.

They are not allowed to go into our rooms and snoop while we arn’t there. If you leave something out in the open then they are allowed to snoop in it. But, if it is hidden then they are not allowed to go snooping through your room just to find it. Our fifth right: The rights stated in amendment #1.- We do have the freedom of speech, press, and religion. Freedom of speech my favorite right.

And our most frequently right that is taken away. In school there are many things we are not alowed to say or do. Which does indeed take away our right to freedom of speech. Freedom of press, this right for the most part hasn’t been taken away. But, if you have a school newspaper like I do then you may know that some topics are not allowed to be addressed.