Patients like me case study

It is currently a niche market because the immunity only caters to specific types of diseases such as ALLS and epilepsy.

However, the community is considering a leap by creating a General Platform to increase its profitability and accommodate the 5,000 patients’ requests. Recommendation Came and Ben Heywood should consider GPO because PALM Is already a well-known and trusted brand so there will be less difficulty In obtaining new customers. The likelihood of patients staying engaged Is high because PALM Is offering the exact same product but on a wider scale.

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Expansion allows more partnership with pharmaceutical companies and eventually an option to health care providers. Basis for Recommendation Patients will remain engaged because they trust the brand Enhance commercial opportunities because of the expansion Meeting the demand of the 5,000 patients and 1,000 diseases requests Continue to gain even greater revenue through expansion because of the commercial opportunities that will be presented.

Failure to take action result in lagging behind competitors Assumptions and Risks The recommended plan assumes that we will increase enrollment on the website after the expansion.

It also assumes that patients will be engaged based on the trust they have placed on PALM in the past. It will be important to make sure that PALM continue to uniquely brand itself after creating GPO. Net Steps Start by informing the community of the change to the website.

However, reassure members that nothing will change except It will only be on a larger scale. Next Is to advertise the upcoming change so the world knows about It.

Launch the program and evaluate Its effectiveness. Exhibit A. PALM Is growing at an Incredible pace with a limited amount of diseases that It covers; It Is time to consider an even greater expansion. B Everyone Is expecting Innovation Trot teen company so It next steps. Is tile to