Physical Effects of Abortion

Abortion leads to death of mothers. This can be instant during the act, or at a later stage in life. Finland researcher in the year 2000 found that women who perform abortion have less chances of living in the following year than women who carry their children to birth ( The causes of deaths are natural, homicide, suicide, or accidents.

Abortion causes cervical and ovarian cancer. This is due to stress experienced by the mother and the interference with the changes in hormones which damage the cervix ( Women who had previously given birth and later on performed an abortion may have their uterus perforated. If not treated early, it may lead to premature births or complications during labor pains.

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Second trimester abortions may lead to damage of the cervix and abnormal development of placenta. These may lead to future reproductive complications. When the placenta develops abnormally,the fetus may not form as required which can result to giving birth to children with complications or even death of the fetus, and excessive bleeding during labor. Abortion increases the risks of ectopic pregnancies (

In case the fertilized egg implants itself at the fallopian tube, the embryo grows until it raptures the tube.Mental Effects of Abortion Abortion causes post-traumatic stress disorders. The lowest level of post-traumatic stress disorder ever reported on abortion was 1.5% (Ashton). This shows that most of the victims undergo stress disorders and this can lead to depression and suicide.

Women who have undergone abortion mostly attempt to commit suicide. This is because they feel guilty, lonely, and neglected by people surrounding them. They normally attempt suicide to get away from the reality, and of them some did abort knowing it was a bad mmoral. Heavy smoking, drinking and drug abuse in some women come as a result of abortion. They feel depressed and stressed and end up into smoking, drugs, and alcohol as their refuge neglecting the health hazards they are exposing their lives into.

Conclusion Abortion is fully legalized in some countries, partially legalized in others, while illegalized in rest. Countries that partially legalize abortion always put some restrictions ranging from social economic factors, and health of a woman, to the most restrictive one which permits abortion only when it is necessary to save a woman’s life. People who are pro-life do not support legalization of abortion arguing that life begins at conception while the pro-choice supports legalization of abortion. Abortion causes both physical and mental effects to a woman. It is therefore important to consider them before taking any step that can lead to abortion.