Physician-assisted Suicide Issue

The subject of physician-assisted is one of the most controversial subjects in the modern world. There are questions as to whether this should obtain legal recognition or not. As per the current statistical figures, it stands that an overwhelming majority oppose the legitimization and public acceptance of this vital medical option. This is in spite of its sole purpose minimizing the period of suffering for people with terminal diseases and other life-demeaning conditions.

This paper supports this course strongly with a view to highlighting the essence of it and the limitations of the opposing views. In the first part of this paper, there is a brief description of the subject matter, physician-assisted suicide, and a short overview of fundamental concepts. It gives a brief introduction of the subject and highlights a bit of its historical background. The introduction touches summarily on the perception of the subject in the United States, giving an example of Oregon State as the only one with physician-assisted suicide legally acceptable. The second part supports the course of physician-assisted suicide.

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It gives reasons to back the activity. It points the role of physician-assisted suicide and offers to support this stand. In the following section, the paper highlights some of the reasons that opponents cite in their spirited rejection of this course. To counter it, the fourth part offers the loopholes and weaknesses of the reasons that opponents give for their position. In conclusion, this paper proposes for the adoption of physician-assisted suicide. Limiting the end of life to murder is the main cause of opposition.

People ought to understand that people need to die in a dignified manner, as human beings. Physician-assisted suicide is not murder, as long as people accept it as a way of minimizing periods of suffering and a way to dignified ending. If one cares and empathizes with those in pain, physician-assisted suicide is the ultimate option.