Podobnik Gets Accepted

Choosing a college wasn’t a hard decision for Arrowhead High School’s senior Emma Podobnik.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was Podobnik’s choice college. “I knew from the beginning I wanted to go there. My brother is studying there right now so it was the first college I ever looked at and it just felt like the right place,” Podobnik says. The University Wisconsin Oshkosh is one of the largest public universities in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, that offers 60 undergraduate majors and more than 100 majors. It is one of the largest public universities in the state that have about 13,000 students who attend. UW Oshkosh, like any college, gives you a review on your likelihood of getting into the college.

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Oshkosh requires at least a 22.6 on the ACT, an overall GPA of 3.45, and recommends specific amounts of credits for each subject, along with four additional electives. “I got a 26 on my ACT when I took it spring of my junior year, so I didn’t feel the need to take it again. My overall GPA, my senior year, was a 3.

8,” Podobnik says. Podobnik applied Oshkosh in October and found out she got in November. She said she heard back from UW Oshkosh about a month after she applied. “I heard back faster than most kids do from college,” she says. After hearing back right away from UW Oshkosh, Podobnik sent in her first semester of tuition and applied online for a roommate. There’s a Facebook page people can post on when they are in need of a roommate. She has an idea of who her roommate will be this coming 2013-14 year because of the page. Podobnik plans on majoring in biochemistry and going to medical school for radiology. She says she has always wanted to go into the medical field since she was little after growing up with a mom who is a nurse. “I’m kind of nervous, but really excited. High school has gone on far too long and I’m ready for a new adventure and ready to meet new people,” Podobnik says.