Pretty Flawed

When you think of school most people think about learning. Discovering new things. Friends and relationships. All these things are great and should be a great experience for students. Positive things.

But, when a student thinks of these things they turn into negatives. Students don’t care about learning; they care about their grades and deem the letters A and B higher than the actual experience of learning. Students would rather die than go to school the next day whilst their parents say, “oh, it’s ok you just complain too much.” The school system is pretty flawed. The concept of creating and discovering is a concept that everyone should experience and everyone should be content doing.

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But somehow educators and parents turn it into a stress building that makes students value grades rather than actually learning the material. Students cheat everyday and choose not to study because the concept of learning is destroyed for them. Because of all the negative components that go into a day at school, students will try and get the easy way out just so they can go home and show their parents the A+ that doesn’t mean anything compared to learning. Some students don’t even want to read anymore because it relates to school work. Kids will do anything to get out of their work which makes learning something people dread rather than experience.

Besides faking grades and cheating kids will sometimes take this to another extreme. School is always something on a student’s mind. They attend school five times a week, eight hours a day. School is the student’s home away from home and it’s not a good one. Students will pray for sicknesses, natural disaster and end their own lives because of school.

School should never cause this torment that students endure. If a student doesn’t have a good life at school and at home they will be dragged into depression and anxiety. School should be enjoyable not intolerable. Adults don’t make it easier. Some adults will pressure students to work harder and complain that they complain too much. School is supposed to be a great journey for kids that shouldn’t end with misery.

Ultimately, the school system should change. It is greatly flawed. School is a place of learning and new experiences. It’s something that kids endure everyday in a negative way. Kids will do whatever it takes sometimes to make their grades higher and throw the actual learning out the window. Students in the future are expected to be the same way.

Unless we change the way to school system works. But so far no one has sat down and talked about this topic. How kids kill themselves, cheat and value grades over learning. To me that’s pretty flawed.