Project Proposal Issue

A charitable organization is an organization that carries out charitable work or merely exists for charitable purposes alone. These organizations do not make profits and because of their charitable cause the government does not charge them any tax. The organizations however, have the duty of doing only the work that they are stipulated to do and not engage in other activities that would be contrary to their core purposes. There are various rules in countries governing the registration and operating conditions of these organizations In the proposal various questions need to be addressed. The questions will generally reflect on the process that will be followed in registering the charity organization, the funding part of it and the activities that the charity will be involved in.

To write a good project proposal it is important that we analyze the principalities guiding the running of the charity. It is also necessary to learn the rules that govern the charity organizations so that the proposal can be comprehensive and of the highest quality. Some of the inevitable questions that we will need to deal with are what the main objectives of the charity organization are, the importance of the project and why it is necessary for implementation. This will involve detailing the likely outcomes of the project and its overall importance in its area of application. The beneficiaries of the project will also be a critical point of discussion in the project. The time frame will also need to be set.

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This will involve critical analysis on the time that the project will commence and the time it will take to achieve some of its primary objectives. The location where the project will take place will also need to be addressed. The importance of the location and how the project will fit in will be of utmost importance in the proposal. The last part of the proposal will involve the overall cost of the project. However in our proposal we will not go into financial details but will only provide a realistic estimate of the whole project.

Main objectives of the project The objectives of a charity act as the main corner stone in the success of the organization. It acts as the foundation by which the organization will obtain funding. It cannot be emphasized enough that a charity has to be worth the trus that is bestowed on them by various financiers. Investors will need more to go by if they are to put their entire weight behind the project. Just as the renowned economist (Allsopp, ) said that a charitable organization’s objective is much more complex than an ordinary business.

He argues that in the case of a business the main objective is to make profits while this is not the case for a charitable organization. However the organization has to run so the organization instead of maximizing on profit as Allsopp says should strive to maximize on income so as to assist in running the organization. An alternative, as this author suggests would “be to balance the needs and expectations of the users as well as the funding community”. But whatever our objective we should aim to satisfy those who agree funding the project as well as those who are benefiting. In this case our main objective will be to fully maximize on our existing income to further our cause as an organization (Allsopp, 1995) Importance of the projectIt is a well known fact that though charitable organizations are non profit sectors, cut throat competition often exists between various organizations (Leat, 1993). This in itself makes the process of implementing the goals of the project more intense and well calculated.

The project that we are trying to draft should put these factors into consideration if its success is to be achieved. Charitable organizations have the importance of assisting the community and government in carrying out social responsibilities that are beneficial to both parties. Our proposal which centers on helping homeless kids is of utmost importance so as to reduce their numbers in the street and to assist them become respectable members in the society. Beneficiaries of the project The project should at least provide a detailed report on how the named beneficiaries will gain from its implementation. The project should also be realistic in the goals that it is setting to achieve. The sole purpose of a charity is to gain the beneficiaries, in our case the beneficiaries are street kids.

It is obvious that when a child grows in the streets, the likely outcome of their lives is not at all desirable. These kids tend to become the menace in the societies they grow in. Some may even end up forming street ganngs whose job is to terrorize the society (Pedersen and Sandberg, 2009). The main aim of this project is to provide a home for these kids so that they can at least grow in an environment that is not only convenient for them but also secure and safe. The expected outcome of the project Charitable organizations are required to provide detailed outcomes of their projects so as to justify their needs of obtaining funds. It would certainly be a waste of time and resources if these organizations do not provide tangible evidence of whom and how they have benefited in the society.

In our case the project shall strive to ensure that the kids not only get a good a home but also become responsible members in the society. The kids who will be helped will in turn be taught on the essence of helping other kids in the streets just as they themselves were helped (Oppenheimer and Warburton, 2009) Time Frame The time frame in implementing a project is one of the key reasons in ensuring the success of a project. It is important to note that an idea is useless unless it is implemented. In our case the project will commence immediately after the registration of the organization. This will ensure that our objectives are met in the minimum amount of time possible. It will be essential that the project should not be delayed due to its importance in the society.

Location The location of any charitable organization mostly centers on the need to reach the required beneficiaries. The location of our project will be at the city since it is where we can reach the street kids. The city also has some of the most essential services and infrastructure that will greatly assist our cause. Cost and registration of the project The project’s financial overview generally helps in gauging its applicability and if it is viable. The cost of the project should be reasonable and at the same time be effective so as to be able to gain all the objectives set out in the proposal. In our case our overall estimated budget for running the medium sized facility for kids will be about $ 350 per kid every month.

The organization will be registered according to the rules set out by the relevant authorities.