Proposal for Financial Support

Abstract This paper entails objectives of JEF foundation in aim of seeking financial support from CHABELA Foundation. JEF foundation is an organization that was founded to facilitate financial support to children from less privileged families in pursuing education in higher learning institution. With the aim of gaining financial support from CHABELA foundation, this paper outlines challenges and social problems faced by the children granted a scholarship by JEF foundation.

This proposal will include innovative policies that will seek to solve the social problem. The paper will also identify the structure JEF foundation, and the personnel working there who are bound to support or object the proposal. It will give a detailed explanation on how to bridge this barrier and make the organization agree with the proposal. It will also design a clear method to be used in wooing major stakeholders to support the proposal and a conclusion summarizing this proposal. Introduction On behalf of JEF foundation, I wish to solicit your support, and partnership, in this course, to curtail the level of drop out and unable to afford the basic education in this poverty part of the world. Nigeria and Chad are our targeted regions, and our foundation seeks to ensure that the less unfortunate children have access to education.

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With the evidence of testimonies from our beneficiaries, JEF foundation hopes to get financial support from CHABELA foundation, and other governmental and non-governmental agencies. Literature review Our foundation was founded on 1st June in the year 2001 in a community called Mushin, in Nigeria. Nigeria predominantly boasts of 85% drop out youths from high school, College, and University due to the inability of their parent to afford sending them to school and more than 85% live less than $1 a day. There are regular illicit activities like child labour, sexual assault, child abuse, drug abuse among youth, and different crimes. All these make me and other six groups of youths that are fortunate to gained university education to establish this foundation.

Since the inception of this organization, we have managed to reduce the level of drop out youth in that community. Since then, we have also started local community base foundation, and have expanded nationwide, and in neighboring Sub- Sahara state. In regards to our achievements, we have helped a couple of students with the opportunity to continue study. For instance, we got a lot of share testimonies since our inception, but the most emotional is that of a 23years lady called Aminat Bintu from a town called Lokoja Kogi state. Aminat suffers humiliation from her family after completion of her high school.

Her family wants to force her into marriage in order to prevent her from furthering her study to university level. By this, she is determined to pursue her dream at all cost. Aminat starts working as a laborer in construction site, and saves all the money she makes to get university examination form, and after sitting for the exam, she managed to pass. On the other hand, her brother is determined to spoil her chance to further her education. Aminat’s brother and his team decide to attack her with acid got from school laboratory.

They spray the acid all over her include her face and her dream was stopped temporary. Secondly, Lady her name is Irene Adiukwu from Agbor Bayelsa state, her education was stop because she does not want to be circumcise which is be done locally with everlasting pain all her effort to convince her parent proof abortive and they decide remove her from home and later from influence her into prostitution at teen age of 16yrs and with support of the AIDS/HIV prevention organization her matter was brought into our attention she was able to save from child trafficker that operate locally, She is now fully enrolled into University to study Business management.During our education campaign trip, her story was brought into our attention in March 2008, and JEF foundation decided to seek for assistance from other organization including British Red Cross in United Kingdom. She was able to get better medical treatment, and six month later she sat for another university exam. Finally, our foundation is proud to and happy to narrate her story. She is in the final stage of her university career studying Nursing and Social services and hopefully to graduate next summer.

This story is just a highlight of more stories with disturbing experiences, which people face in the quest to join higher learning institution. To be frank, part of our project this new academic session is to assist over 2,000 studies that we have short listed picking from a different part of the nation. After going through individual circumstances, we are fully convinced about their circumstances, and the best way to help them is through pproviding those in high school textbooks, writing materials, school uniform and those in the university to help them some of their study materials, tuition fee. There are two primary schools and three secondary schools that need urgent renovation. This is because of a history of the school closing down during raining season due to dilapidated classroom. By this, JEF foundation will be ensuring that communities do not despair during rainy seasons.

In conclusion, with the support of the following community we have secured two plots of land each from this following community to build a library and dropping centre, the community are Epe in Lagos state, Iseyin in Oyo state, Guzau in Zamafara state, and Niger delta in Delta state. Building this community based library, and dropping centre will benefit the community and with the opportunity of dropping centre to educate the community about the benefits of education. Currently, we have about 50 volunteers each for the four communities to work in the dropping centre. We hereby solicit for your financially support to carry out this project, and requests the sum of 15 thousand dollars. We believe the achievement of this project will bear the hallmark of these two foundations, and all the children and youth that would benefit in this project would be grateful to your foundation.Conclusion Even though, significant advances have been achieved in regard to the awareness of the challenges facing students in third world countries, it is evident that there should be an improvement.

Thanks to JEF foundation, some students have the opportunity to pursue their career and achieve their best. As a result, this has undoubtedly helped in eradicating poverty, crime, and illiteracy in society. For these proposals to be implemented, main stake holders in JEF foundation and employees have to be involved to the project. The community also has a critical role to play in the implementation of these policies, and they should also be in centre stage. The fruits of this proposal will be realized when the community’s perception about education attained in higher learning institutions. JEF foundation has few years in the field, and it has proven that ensuring people determined to further their education is achieved.

By the above testimonies, it is evident that JEF foundation is the best foundation to invest in, in regards to help those who are less fortunate achieve their dreams of attaining degree, masters, and PhDs.