Psychology and its Importance

All people have a subconscious mind, the most commonly used example to show the existence of the subconscious mind is the example of car driving.

When one is learning to drive they are conscious of every little thing that is going on around them. One sees all that is surrounding them and pays intricate attention to everything. As time goes by and one gets used to driving a person can find themselves doing everything according to when and how they are supposed to without much effort. The id, ego and super ego according to Sigmund Freud the id is the part of the subconscious mind that is responsible for the bad things we do. The super ego is responsible for all the good things we do and is responsible for ensuring that the id doesn’t take control. When the id takes control then we are deemed mad and that’s when the human emotions come into play.

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The ego us the rational part that brings the id and the superego together and keeps us sane. It regulates our behavior. Strongly held attitudes can be changed, it is not uncommon for even religious fanatics to change religion. The one most common reason for people to change their strongly held opinions is in the course of finding love. When a person finds the person they think they were meant to be with it is not unprecedented for them to change big parts of themselves just to accommodate ‘their better half’.

It is conclusive that no person is free of prejudice. The most important thing to change in order to beat prejudice is the personality of a person. Adorno argues that people with prejudices surfer from an authoritarian personality. If this personality can be changed then prejudice would come to an end. Every person at one time or the other has been a victim of herd mentality this is an act of conformity in order to avoid rejection by the social group of a person.

The herd mentality I was subjected to is overdrinking I got so drunk I lost all comprehension of what was going on up to this day I cannot remember the happenings of that night. The best way to avoid this is to change the group of people around you