Punching Bag

Have you ever come home from a long stressful day and just wanted to punch something? Have something to just take your aggression out on? Well now there is a simple solution! To all you parents out there you have a god given punching bag. You brought your child into this world and you can easily take them out, so why not show them that and hold it above their head. I mean they are there waiting for you to get home, so if your stressed when they come to meet you just knock their lights out. After the first blow they won’t remember what happened so just take out all your aggression on them. Heck if you don’t have the guts to do it to your child you can rent a child, or adopt one.

Get one of those kids from Africa; they are overpopulated anyways because they have never heard of condoms. In fact get more than one kid from Africa so you have multiple children to take your anger out on. It’ll be easier then anyways since you have no emotional attachment to these kids, because you bought them. Plus if you get more than one child you have more children to choose from, and that way you aren’t just ganging up on one child. When your child goes to school people will be less suspicious if they only have marks once in a while, rather than most of the time. If the kids are younger and their teacher asks them where they got those cuts, bruises, and scratches the child might actually state what really happened.

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They don’t know any better, but hey who cares you can just beat the crap out of them again and tell them they aren’t supposed to tell people that; they will learn their lesson. If the child is older they probably know better and lie about the marks. The younger kids don’t know any better though; they will grow used to it. The kids will grow up thinking that this is what love is, well tough love. It will make them a better person in the end. They will respect their elders and listen to what they are told.

What better way to train your kids than show them tough love? When they grow up they will be just like you, their parent. What more could a parent ask for? Every parent wants their child to be just like them, right? Child abuse is something that is real; it is not something to joke about. Every year there is over 3 million reports of child abuse. In 2007 alone there were about 5.8 million children involved in 3.

2 million reported cases of child abuse and allegations. Child abuse has side effects, both long term and short term. The short term effects are obvious, like marks and bruising. The long term effects are less easy to “heal.” The long term effects don’t only exist in kids experiencing this abuse, but also adults who have experienced this abuse.

Abuse by a guardian leaves a child with a feeling that they are all alone in the world and have no one to turn to. If a child can’t even trust the person who gave them life, then how are they supposed to trust anybody? One long term effect is lacking trust and difficulty with relationships. Being abused can make a child feel worthless or damaged. Physical abuse isn’t the only abuse that can result to this type of long term effect. Verbal abuse can also make a child feel worthless and damaged in the end.

Think about it, if a child is told by someone they love that they are worthless, constantly, then that child is bound to believe it. This could definitely affect someone’s life, because they won’t push themselves to succeed at what they can because they will always have the thought in the back of their mind that they are incapable of doing it. Abuse can also lead to a person having trouble regulating their emotions. They could never express how they felt and had no one to talk to about their emotions and feelings, so they don’t know how to handle a matter that involves emotions. When it comes to emotions not everyone has it quiet figured out on how to handle themselves, or even others. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, some more than others.

Most people live for the moment, not the life. As hard as it is to stop and think about something while you’re in the moment, next time pause and think, “Am I going to regret this? Do I really want to do this?” If you or someone you know is being abused: say something or take a stand, you are not alone.