Put Those Bossypants On

Many know or have heard of Tina Fey; from Saturday Night Live (SNL) as Sarah Palin, The Oscars with her witty friend Amy Poehler, and/or Liz from the television show 30 Rock. To add to that list, Tina Fey is also the author of Bossypants, which is her memoir filled with insightful and hilarious one-liners that propose intuition about photoshop, gays, politics, gynecologists and more! Where do to find this book? Just look for Tina Fey’s face with a masculine, hairy-armed body.

“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it” (145) this is what Tina Fey told her apprehensive father when he said bluntly, “I hope that’s really not the cover. That’s really going to hurt sales” (Don Fey) and also subconsciously to many others when they needed to back the f*** off because she, Tina Fey, is the boss. This and many other Tumblr worthy quotes help identify how Tina Fey portrays her life but also provides insight on how we should live ours. Decisions, opinions, and wishes are what makes everyone unique,and leads to why Tina Fey is successful and how each individual can be as successful as they dream to be. Beauty routines are something fallen into at a young age, when glitter and gel makeup occupied most of our faces until our mothers begrudgingly wiped it off. Makeup is confusing and overwhelming and particularly terrifying;but allegedly does great things for covering up a zit, widening eyes, sculpting cheekbones, filling lips, and/or shaping eyebrows.

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Then finally after all the smearing, smudging and blending… it is time to tackle the hair. Multiple steps and stages to achieve a look that is not really authentic to the individual is misleading to not only themselves but others. So girls, why do we decide to doll up everyday? There are many contributing factors, sure, but; “if you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?” (114) Confusing something that does impact a decision and one that is thought to impact a decision is very common and often leads to a belief of having made the wrong one . Well snap out of it! “THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, only opportunities.” (85) Truly do believe this, when given the chance to make an decision, there are always choices to choose.

For example, let’s say Sally was asked out by three boys yesterday (go Sally) but she is only free one day of the week to go on a date. A pessimist would say that means there is only one right opportunity and two mistakes when choosing a date. That is where they are wrong, Sally has three equally right or wrong opportunities and no mistakes. Because looking at the three guys right now, before making the decision, they are all opportunities with no possibility of it turning into a mistake. Now actually, two of her dates would end up balding early in the relationship, howeverno hindsight bias should restrict someone from making a choice that will ultimately allow growth in his/her life. Being found in quite a peculiar pickle is not fun and by taking a step back to understand the situation allows one to contribute something of value towards the result.

“Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.” (85) In other words, do not be Ms. Debbie Downer sitting in the corner yelling out flaws to every proposed plan, “Too expensive, the color orange is sickening, I find that character’s eyes creepy, etc.” Instead try responding in ways that someone can work off, “Consider dropping the price 15% so it will increase consumer consumption, perhaps instead of using the color orange possibly try blue as it is more soothing and appealing to consumers, the eyes of the character are unappealing so changing the character might be in the best interest for our targeted buyer.

” Speaking in a tone that is constructive, leaves room for others opinions and keeps everyone progressing forward. However, we should also not let others diminish our personal ideas, beliefs and values. To judge someone else and be judged under circumstantial situations is inconsiderate and well, dirty. Think, what do they really know; Tina Fey was once called a troll and she replied, “to say I’m an overrated troll, when you have never even seen me guard a bridge, is patently unfair.” (164) While this is an odd occurrence, what someone says on-line or even straightforward is most likely out of context. We are big kids now so most of the stuff we hear or say we know is not true, yet we react and retain it as if it is as real as being hit with a bowling ball.

While a bowling ball hurts more than words, refraining from making comments and assumptions saves of humiliation for both contributing parties. Psychologists say that one is more likely to laugh in a social situation than by his/her self, that is completely false. We are always chuckling at something we did earlier that day, be a real LOL or a subconscious brain giggle, it counts. Projecting life as humorous rather than cynical is quite beneficial. If Tina Fey would not have described her first trip to the gynecologists as a “who-would-have-thunk that was possible, well look it happened to me” visit, many of us would have felt quite sorry for her short vaginal cavity rather than practically peeingwhen she described passing out in the examination room. Feeling beautiful with or without makeup, staying sane when making choices, providing substantial suggestions in a situation and ignoring insignificant opinions will separate a great life from everyone else’s.

Now put on those bossypants and venture outwards.