Questioning the achievments of our Society

“A sample was taken of 169 people in Pittsburg during their first year or two online” (Affonso 1). They reported that they “felt more lonely and depressed” than they had before their online experience (Affonso 1). Today, some people are arguing technology use is bad and is a “decline in overall psychological well-being” (Affonso 1). Others have the opposite opinion and think that technology is a very helpful thing in today’s society for the development of people’s social skills. I agree that technology is a good thing and we need it to progress forward and advance in our world today, but it can also be very deficient when it is over used and taken advantage of. Many report that our society is becoming isolated and developing an un-social lifestyle because of technology.

They argue technology is corrupting the true relations we have, such as family and friends. Eventually we get so involved we stop talking to the people who are closest to us because technology takes up the time we would normally spend with them. It also takes up the time we would spend doing our daily life activities, and therefore is a huge distraction and poor contribution. Suddenly individuals get more and more detached and distant from what is real and important. This demonstrates that technology causes some people to “keep in touch with fewer friends, spend less time talking with their families, experience more daily stress, and feel more lonely and depressed” (Affonso 1).

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The people that oppose technology also insist upon the fact that the relations made through the Internet are “impersonal and less favorable” (Coget and Yutaka 1). “Interaction between individuals is slowly diminishing as people turn to” technology rather than the real outside world to communicate (Song 1). Song also presumes that technology reaffirms that we are “no longer obligated to interact with the uncontrollable factors of everyday life” (1). Schools “require to be in a certain place at a certain time and to follow certain rules” so that we learn good virtues as well as making us civilized people (Postman 1). Technology is a huge distraction for teens as well as other people of every age; it doesn’t force people to go to as many social events because they can be social from the comfort of their own home. Which leads up to their argument that technology is shattering our society’s standards and the social skills of this generation.

I support the ‘technology is good’ side for many reasons. The first I concur this side is because it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. The other side of the argument tries to say that this is diminishing social skills, but in actuality you are using your social skills while on the Internet. The second reason I refute their opinion is because the Internet is a great way to put your self out there and meet new people. The relationships you form can “eventually become as rich as those face-to-face relationships it just takes longer to develop” (Coget and Yotaka 1). The Internet is very “comforting and appealing” to many individuals trying to meet new people (Song 1).

When using the Internet rather than building relationships in person it seems to “foster openness, self-confidence, and a greater sense of ease and comfort when dealing with others” (Coget and Yutaka 1). The other side claims we are becoming isolated beings. But is that really true? How is getting on the Internet and talking to people isolating your self? It is like the complete opposite. People use many logical fallacies while trying to argue their beliefs. When Affonso states the fact about the HomeNetproject that may be true for that one certain sample but it is generalization, unreliable testimony as well as selective sampling. Neil also uses selective sampling when trying to get his point across, by only using one book.

By using bad logic in their articles does that mean they are afraid to argue the other side, or maybe they don’t have enough reliable evidence to back up their side? Human beings seek to have connections and relationships with other people. So yes if we didn’t have Internet it would force us to go out a make good physical connections with people, but Internet helps us build our confidence and is a great invention that is very convenient. The internet also helps you keep in touch with your loved ones that you don’t always have the opportunity to see or spend time with, so technology allows you to have a stronger bond with them. Many believe technology is corrupting our society by lessening the social skills of the future generations but it is a great advancement and it is really helping develop our society in a new way that old generations are not use to.