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The Brand Team’s attention is focused on Clearance’s target consumers and positioning – components that were identified early on as most challenging and critical to Clearance’s future success. However, to formulate the winning strategies needed to get to a #3 share position, the Brand Team understands there are three fundamental issues that need further refinement and management alignment: Who should be Clearance’s core consumer target moving forward? What optimal/enable positioning can withstand changing market conditions and take Clearance to #3 market share spot In the next five years?

How to bring the “new” Clearance brand positioning to life through a few key go-to- market strategies? BRAND HISTORY In the early sass’s, U.

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S. Marketer Ivan Combo developed Clearance after talking to teenagers and pharmacists about the need for an acne cream that worked. He asked chemists to create a formula that dried up acne and covered blemishes with a flesh- tinted cream. The cream was named Clearance to capitalize on every teenager’s dream of having clear skin. The first Clearance products – a bar soap and a medicated ointment In a tube – were launched in the U.

S. In 1959. In 1961, Combo sold Clearance o The Vicki Chemical Company, which later became Archbishoprics. The Clearance brand grew steadily through the ass’s and ass’s, launching across Europe, Canada and Japan. New medicated washes were added to the line and by 1 982, Clearance was the market leader in the U. S.

, Japan and Germany. Proctor & Gamble acquired Clearance in 1985 for $1. 24 billion. Under the Proctor & Gamble tenure, Clearance sustained its leadership position as the #1 brand in acne treatment, and expanded the brand in over 70 countries.

During the early ass’s, Proctor & Gamble strategists to grow the brand with a reddened scope of product offerings for its teen target. In lieu of more treatment- focused products, Clearance introduced a new range of acne prevention products that acted against blocked pores, bacteria development, and excess oil production.

This range Included a face wash, dual action pads, medicated moisturizer, and a handy pen applicator that delivered powerful medication directly onto a pimple without affecting over-drying the surrounding area.