3RD management Case Study

GM appointed by HI had a vision that his team would be able to bring service skills and revisionism’s of Chinese employees up to His world-class standard. Grainier, 2008) Problem 1. 3RD management wasn’t actively putting planning strategy to come over economic crisis and customer satisfaction policy which led to losing customers. 2. Guiana policy which was considered important part of Chinese business culture was strengthened under RI management.

3. RI Managers lacking skills of developing effective relationship with hotel Chinese employees. Opportunities & Recommendation 1. RI management should apply Wall/Wall philosophy which means that (“Agreements r Solutions are mutually beneficial, mutually satisfying”).

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With a Win/Win solution, all parties feel good about the decision and feel committed to the action plan.

(Wilkinson & Thomas, 2009) 2. In Chinese business environment, Guiana can assist in, a) Obtaining source of information and resources b) Increasing business opportunities along with building corporate reputation, enlarging market shares. C) Employee motivation. Conclusion If above recommendation are applied then potential demands of 3RD hotel will definitely increase. Reticence Fang, Y.

2011) The Importance of Guiana to Multinational Companies in China.