Throughout time and across the world, reading has been an integral part to the advancement of humanity.

Sadly reading is often overlooked by most people. However, there is one thing that can be noticed, the fact that the people reading the books, vary just as much as the books themselves. Whether it be informational text, a fantastical fantasy book, a romantic saga, or even historical text, the personality of those reading seems to fit perfectly with the genre of book they enjoy reading. Now there are a few types of these people, and the first one is the Informational Reader. These people thrive on learning new things, but not without a cost. The text/books they enjoy reading is generally extremely dry and boring, as is their personality.

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They are very cold and logical. However do not for a second think that they do not know what they are doing in the realm of creativity. These are some of the best thinkers you will ever encounter, but the way they show it is unlike anything you will ever want to listen to. In fact it is probably the last thing you will ever want to hear. They sit there for days contemplating on theories and problems, only to come to the unfortunate conclusion that there is no solution. Then, after figuring out that there is not solution, they will sit there for another week pondering and trying to find some what they could do to the problem to make a solution.

Yes, these boring, grey-scale specimens are the Informational Reader. The next is the Fantasy Reader. These are the friends who you never want to live without. They are constantly in their own realm of consciousness, battling the dragon, or soaring through space, and all the while you are sitting in the car next to them, listening to their rants about their favorite character in a fandom that you have never heard of before. Tumblr seems to be the website of the Gods to these readers as it fuels their every twisted, but oddly sweet dream.

These are some of the best friends you will ever make. However you must be ready for them to give you advice based off of what Ron Weasley did to be able to marry Hermione Granger. The Fantasy Reader will capture your every ounce of attention up until the very last second, where you fall flat on your face from exhaustion, alongside them passing out from the con they just got back from. These people are very good friends because they are always interesting. There is never a time where they aren’t being active and doing something, so make sure you have a lot of energy, because you are going to need it to keep up with them.

The third type of reader is the Historical Text reader, and similar to the Informational text reader, their subject of choice is not always the most interesting; however they can make it interesting if they want to. They know exactly how to turn a phrase perfectly to make even the most dull, monotone sentence transport you into another world, a world of the past. Luckily for these readers, there is plenty of History. They are never without something to read, and so they are never without the ability to train their brains to absorb more information. These people are intellectual powerhouses, and they will take every chance they can to make you see that.

These are generally a very “I am smarter than you” type of people, but they will also be there no matter what for whenever you may need it with an anecdote from some war or battle in the past to show how your problem is not as bad as things could be. The fourth type of reader is the one that everyone knows, but nobody wants to know, the romance reader. These are generally women, although it extends to men as well. These people always “know” what to do when it comes to relationships.And by “know” I mean, they are able to tell you exactly how Antonio was able to Maria to fall in love with him.

Their book knowledge isn’t all that high because those who do read romance novels tend to stick purely to the romance genre. They are more than likely the most heartfelt person you know. This comes at a great cost though. Because they have these odd expectations of love from these fictional perfect worlds where everyone gets their soul mate and nobody is sad in the end; they tend to overthink their own relationships, believing that they are not good enough for their eventual knight in shining armor. It is because of this that you must always be ready to comfort them in their time of need, as there is bound to be several. The fifth and final type of reader is the overall fiction lover.

These people want nothing more than a good read; the subject of choice, another reality. These are a generally docile people who really just shoot for a good time reading. They want nothing too serious and nothing too funny, just like them. They are a very “middle-of-the-road” type of person. One might even venture to call them “normal.” These people are generally very solid friends who give very good advice, because most of their favorite books somehow give the best advice possible for every situation.

No one knows how, and no one knows why, but they just seem to work with everything. Truthfully, no one is complaining about it either. The five types of people above encompass pretty much all those you will meet in your life. The personalities of the people who read certain genres of books seem to be perfectly in sync with the books they read. Whether it is a whimsical fantasy reader, or an excruciatingly boring informational text reader, they tend to reflect perfectly the base components of the books themselves.

Though this may seem like a detriment in some cases, it will always help in the end, as it gives you an insight on how they function, and how you can act with them, which in the long run, is the best advantage you could ask for.