Recycling Matters

Recycling has evolved to become something much different than it was 50 years ago. This proposes the question of what it will be like 50 years from now. Americans produce 4.4 pounds of waste per day, and it is only to be expected that as our population grows, our waste production will increase as well. Recycling is a key process that cuts down on waste by reusing discarded materials. However, this process is very time consuming and has much room for innovation.

Past innovations in recycling includes curbside pick up, single stream recycling, fuel-efficient pickup vehicles and more efficient landfills. There have also been improvements in the sorting of the collected materials, including sorting technologies, screens, optical scanners and eddy currents. This innovation helps the environment by creating clean renewable energy from solid waste. These companies are trying their best but can’t do it alone. Programs like Environmental Industries Association’s national community service recognition program.

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Honoring those who go above and beyond in recycling and waste. “Innovating technology that protects the environment, creating clean renewable energy from solid waste, even during the good and bad they are protecting the environment and public health.” Helping to aid all this recycling change has been an increase in interest to preserve our environment.

Back in the 50’s people were not thinking ahead to what their actions may cause future generations. “In the 1940’s and 1950’s, when land filling became a cheap way to dispose trash, recycling was less popular.” Personally, I believe that all this progress has been great for both the environment and the general health of everyone.

However, there is much more that could be done. I belive that the future in Recycling management is in the collection of the items as well as general education on the importance of taking the time to recycle. Some improvements I could see taking place are more efficient recycling vehicles, as well as possibly combining the garbage truck with the recycling truck. Recently there have been advancements in the delivery of packages ordered online. Outlets such as Amazon and UPS have been using drones to do unmanned drop off of the packages.

I feel that this same technology could be adapted to pick up the recycling materials from the household. Recycling has been essential in providing longevity to the natural resources we have. Dedicated individuals have improved recycling collection and waste management dramatically over the past 50 years. However, there is much left to improve upon, we need more talented and dedicated people to pick up the cause and bring us into the future of Recycling. References: