Reflection on Advanced Composition

“You’re definitely strong in science and a math class, English seems to be more of a struggle” my guidance counselor tells me. I shyly shrug off the hidden insult. Although I know it’s a true statement, which my grades clearly prove. English is not my strong suit, nor will it ever be. Through the school years I have learned to embrace my strengths and weaknesses, such as English class.

I’d write essays every year and wonder how to improve my writing, but the student-teacher help was not provided in the ways I found necessary. Finally, senior year is here, and I enrolled in an English class that has demonstrated how to be a better writer. Before every piece, I sit, staring at my laptop screen until a glimpse of an idea pops in my mind. As soon as I discover a topic to write about, I just type. I type until I have composed a one and a half page essay about my name, for college, or an advertisement.

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I remind myself of the techniques and guidelines I must follow to complete a well written piece. Advanced Composition has given me the basic guidelines my previous teachers neglected to teach. My knowledge has increased on writing, allowing me to feel well accomplished after writing a piece. After completing a piece and printing out four copies, I head off to workshop my writing. Because structure is a necessity for me, I thought a hybrid schedule would be difficult, but in the end, it has only helped me. Time management, organization, and responsibility were taught to me in Advanced Composition.

Time management is necessary for moodle assignments and having pieces completed for workshop. Being organized was thrown upon me when I neglected to complete assignments because I was not checking moodle. Responsibility; having a hybrid schedule, online assignments, and workshops, I have found it essential to be responsible for this class’ assignments. Although writing is still my weak link and most likely will always, I have learned a great deal of writing knowledge in the nine week span of this class. From stylistic devices to punctuation, Advanced Composition has enlightened me with the small and bid details any writer should know.

The strange schedule and online assignments are often hard for me, but adapting to different situations is something I have to learn. Advanced Composition has demonstrated that I do not need to be a perfect writer, but with proper tools, I can be a good writer.