Relationship Analysis Paper

Every semester is a surprise in itself, especially when it comes to meeting new people. I’ve been attending New Mexico State University for four semesters. Each semester I’ve associated myself with many new and different people. This has allowed me to take part in completing many of the steps involved in the development of a relationship, whether it was an intimate relationship or a simple friendship. In many of the cases however, the relationships have since faded or been terminated, if not by one party or the other, by both, and the lack of successful communication.

Fabian and I met at a friends party about a year ago. From the first moment I saw him I thought he was cute. That made it even more exciting when he decided to approach me and talk to me. I fell hard, and from that moment on I’ve had a major crush on him. Fall semester ended and that was that.

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It started and stopped at the initiating stage of the relationship.I had just about given up when we ran into each other at the same friends house. I put my smile on and we talked for hours, found out that we had so much in common and we had actually seen each other on campus for summer school. Step two just about complete, the audition for friendship was going well.First day of class this semester I ran into Fabian in Corbett. We have a break in between classes at the same time Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.

Since the beginning of the semester we’ve been spending that time, along with some time on the weekends, in what I consider the intensifying stage of our relationship. Which way the intensifying is going has left me in the dark. Never has intensifying taken this long in any relationship I’ve been in, it’s something that I need to adjust to.Instead of basing this analysis of our relationship on any one specific interaction I’ve decided to base it on our allotted time together. It’s an ongoing interaction that seems to intensify after each contact.

The intensifying stage allows us to learn about one another. To get a feel of what potential there is for a future relationship. It’s the stage that determines where the relationship is going. Is there going to be an intimate relationship or a friendship? This stage determines how strong the relationship will be and what factors are going to determine its strength. This is the stage that will determine what future the relationship has.

Slowly, intensifying strategies are taking place. Increased contact is the most obvious one. Aside from spending time with each other in Corbett, Fabian and I have moved on from the playful fun of texting each other on our cells phones to actually calling and talking to each other. Flirting plays another key role in the intensifying stage, it just drives me crazy though. Fabian also got me a personalized gift for my 21st birthday. Something that means a lot to me about the strengthening of our relationship.