The central concerns in the poverty USA: The state of poverty in America is the level of the poor people, their increase and the number of people living in extreme poverty.

It later classifies poverty in the basis of age, Religion, and the race. The central concerns of Option for the poor is explaining by use of biblical perspective on what people should do towards helping the poor and making them feel that they are part of our community. The central concern of millennium development goals is to lay out strategies which will help to halve the poverty, provide primary education, and halt HIV/AIDS by the year 2015. The concerns of the poverty guidelines are to indicate the poverty threshold and poverty guideline in the American economy. The central concern of the article ‘how we should think about the poor’ is to cite the way humans should think about each other. In the book St.

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Francis and the Foolishness of God, It highlights the counter-cultural message of Christianity. In pages 121-141, the book outlines Francis and suffering under the dialogue with the crucified and the risen.The key point that stuck me is the article on how we should think about the poor. This article widely covers the solution for reducing the gap existing between the rich and the poor. It claims that the poor are everywhere such that they are invisible and hence they should be treated with respect, the undeserving poor should be helped first like children who are born from poor families, it also explains that being poor is not a pleasant experience and hence we should actively help the poor, poor people should be helped not only materially but also they should be helped with opportunities to help themselves, and poor people are the only people who can help the poor.

The connection I made between the reading and my personal experience is that people should help one another irrespective of their increasing divergences. It is the only thing that can reduce the gap, between the poor and the rich.