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Freedom and happiness are some of the issues that have been pursued by human beings throughout the history of mankind. This research proposal would therefore examine how technological advancements have improved on the way people access or rather attain maximum benefits from the use of technology to make themselves happy and exercise their freedom. This proposal will factor in the fact that there are researches and studies that have been carried out in the past on the impact of technology on human freedom and happiness (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008, p.165).

Notably, these researches and studies focused mainly on the negative effects that technology has on freedom and happiness. Therefore, to attain the required results on the impact of technology on happiness and freedom, the sample that would be tested would comprise of different societal classes. This is as a result of the fact that societal classes determine the amount and level of technological advances that one can access.The collection of data and analysis will play a critical role in this research. First, this research will examine past researches that were carried out in regard to technology and its effects on human freedom and happiness and find biases in these researches (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008, p.

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165). Following this point, samples from low class, middle class and high class levels in the society will be collected. These samples must be interested in utilizing technology and must have access to several forms of technology, and in this case a phone and the internet.Results and DiscussionThe results that are obtained from this research should show an improved lifestyle for those people who utilized technology whereas at the same time showing poor lifestyles for people who failed to use technology. In this case, the sample results should reveal that a continued use of technology enhanced the lifestyles of those who used it.

The hypothesis would be valid is different results are obtained among the three societal levels. On the other hand, when the results that are obtained are the same in the three societal classes, then it would be argued that technology has no effect on human freedom and happiness (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008).An understanding of the impact of technology on human happiness and freedom would encourage the government, the private sector and non-governmental organizations to work across the globe on ways of improving accessibility to technology. Similarly, this would encourage scientists to develop cheap technological pieces in order to ensure that a large population can be able to afford these forms of technology.