Review of A Good Man is Hard to Find

The short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a story about a family who is going on vacation and they get into a horrible accident where they didn’t only lose their car and got hurt, but that accident also decided their faith.

Misfit is a character that escaped from prison and the police was looking for him. After the accident Misfit went to see what happen in the accident when Bailey’s grandmother had the bad luck of identifying the Misfit. When Misfit knew that the mother knew who he was he couldn’t take the risk of getting caught by police and he send Bobby Lee to get rid of the rest of the family including Bailey, his son john Wesley, June star, their baby brother, and Baileys wife. After a discussion between the misfit and the grandmother about his religion beliefs Misfit kills the grandmother even though we as readers find out he didn’t wanted to do it but he didn’t have an option.

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