Review of A&P Free Essay

i chose the short story, A&P, by John Updike. the most interesting fact in this story is how choices effect your future consequenses.

for example, when Sammy quits his job trying to impress the girls that had been kicked out. it caused his family to become angry at him, and he lost his job obviously. the story is about how a young cashier tries to impress three girls in bikinis and ends up loosing his job. people can learn that living in the moment isnt really a good idea. if you decide to quit your job for someone who didnt even notice what you did, then its kind of pointless. someone who likes to enjoy a nice little short story that they can laugh about would enjoy this story.

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someone who isnt really the reading type can also enjoy it as well, because its easy to read and its short. this is more of a guy story, if you dont enjoy reading about someone being mean to women, then this story isnt right for you.