School Doesn't Matter

“School doesn’t matter!” That’s what I hear from people I know.I don’t understand why they say this.

There are people out there that would, (and can, and have), die for a chance to learn ANYTHING that others have learned.For example, there have been a lot of people who hated school, and flunked everything, and then got a job at McDonald’s, or somewhere like that. They then regret hating school, because a lot of them realized that to have a good life, they have to go to school, and get a degree, and get a nice job. Now, I used to have this same opinion of school. I thought for a while that school didn’t prove how smart you are. I also thought that you don’t have to have a good education to get a good job.

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Wow, was I wrong. I know that people might say that they already know how to do everything, but they also need more information and experience in that field of work. School allows you, at least most of the time, to go on a trip to study and talk to experts, and to try it out first hand. And there’s more. There are some people that think they know how to do everything in that field of work, even without experience or expert advice.

They might. But for jobs that take more experience and creativity, they need school. For example, there are some jobs that require a high degree in math, like video game designers, and computer engineers. A lot of people want to do one of those things. They think that they can just, somehow, out of nowhere, become a great video game designer. Also, those same people say their not going to college.

That interests me. I always ask them, “How are you going to be a video game designer, then?” You know what they say? They say that they already know how to do it, and that they don’t need anymore learning. Then they say that learning is a waste of time, and that they don’t need to learn anymore, even though they need to learn how to become more advanced in that field of work. Why do people think that they can learn everything that they learn in school outside of school, and learn it even better? Here’s the answer to that. They can learn about that certain field of work, but not the life skills they need to know in life. They need to know how to encounter different human beings personality’s, and to do that, they mostly learn that in school, where people are still developing their personalities, and there are a lot of people in that certain place.

Schools also have classes where you learn how to communicate with people, and how to keep your opinions to yourself. You can’t learn that as easily anywhere else. And, yes, I know that there are a lot of people out there who will disagree with me, and I ask you this: How do you learn anything, if you don’t care about school? If you don’t care about school, find it stupid, or don’t try while doing it, how do you read? How are you reading this blog? How are you living? Without school, you can’t get a job. Without school, you won’t learn how to interact with other human beings. You won’t be able to support yourself if you don’t go to school.

You will be illiterate. You will be mindless. You can’t live without school. Sometimes, people might say, “What if I go to college, and then get, say, a doctorate in Math, and then don’t get a nice job? What do I do?” My answer is that you wait.Apply for jobs that you think you would like, and that would satisfy your intelligence.

Don’t underwork yourself, and don’t overwork yourself too much. School is a necessity in becoming successful in life. If you don’t go to school, you will not have a good job, a good house, and no money. If you think that you don’t need any education, and that you know everything that you need to know for your job, go ahead. But, it is more likely that you don’t, and that you are overestimating yourself when it comes to that job. What I say you need to do is work yourself to your maximum potential.

Don’t underwork yourself, and only overwork yourself if you are guaranteed that it will pay off.Make sure you stay/try and go to school, even if you’ve dropped out. You can go to a community college, or try and see if you can get classes anywhere. Kids my age, make sure you care about school. You don’t want to grow up stupid or poor. You want to be successful in life.

I hope you listen.