School Uniforms Argumentative Essay

If my high school were to amend the dress code to include uniforms, the school’s atmosphere would change greatly. Most of the changes this shift in policy would bring would be for the worse. Implementing school uniforms is undoubtedly a bad idea. Uniforms would only serve to take away from our individuality, cost parents a great deal of money, and add to the monotony of school. Firstly, if students had to wear uniforms they would, obviously, look the same. If all the students look the same, then they lose their individuality.

Being independent and having an identity is important to people, especially high school-aged children. With everybody looking alike, it would be more difficult for students to express themselves. Students are taught to be their own person, but how are they to do so if they all look exactly the same? Furthermore, what would students do with all of the clothes they already have? Uniforms would be a waste of money for parents that have already purchased clothing for their children. About 3 to 5 sets of uniforms would be needed. At an estimated cost of $30 each, that would be $90 minimum and up to $150 just for clothes! Obviously, not every family can afford this, and it is unlikely that the school would cover the cost for around 1200 students. Finally, would it not be boring to look exactly the same everyday? The monotony of wearing a uniform day in and day out would quickly become very mundane.

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The colors of the uniforms would be blue and white, the color scheme of everything in the school; there would be no diversity at all. Uniforms would do nothing but mute the school atmosphere. Making uniforms a requirement would be an unpopular decision as it would make the students look too similar, put a financial burden on parents, and create a sense of repetitiveness throughout the school. A decision to mandate uniforms would be extremely unpopular with most of the student body. In short, uniforms lack support from those who would have to wear them.