Security Personnel Training

Introduction In this changing world of terror and criminal threats, various organizations are finding ways to protect themselves, their employees and family members. Security is an extremely vital exercise. Security to a nation is beneficial in more ways than a few. Security can be viewed in several ways, such as personal security, state security and even private organizations’ security.

It is, therefore, crucial that everyone gets involved in providing security. Personal security is how a person conducts himself and takes care of themselves. The state cannot provide security to a particular person everywhere they go, so it is, therefore, beneficial that the state provides security training to its citizens. In this way, an individual can access the security websites, emergency call lines. This will enable citizens of a country to call whenever they are faced with security issues or, whenever, they feel insecure.

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State security is an acutely crucial thing. This is because; if the state cannot provide security services then it is a doomed country. In many countries, in the world, most citizens sleep with the fear of being kidnapped, raped or worse of all, being brutally murdered. Some countries, especially, in Africa are very insecure because of wars and other criminal activities committed against humanity. In West Africa, a country called Congo, a whole village of women and young girls were raped, because the government failed to provide the smallest security services to those people. They will forever live with that fear of rape, anger and bitterness towards the state because it could not provide security to them.

Security is, therefore, very valuable. State security is given by the government in of police officers, army officers, the response unit officers and the Intelligence service officers. Training is, therefore, necessary for security officers in the state army, unarmed officers and private organization security firms. Private organization security firms are those firms owned by private companies. They provide security to private organizations or parastatals as well as individual people.

Training for all these security officers is very powerful, because it provides them with the necessary skills to tackle insecurity. Their training provides them on skills to deal with kidnapping, rape cases, and murder investigation services. Training is offered in several places, and a place to be is White Hat security Training Centre where I got my Security training. Security personnel training deals with the use of security weapons like guns, pistols and tear-gases. Training involves the study in areas like; executive protection, armed and unarmed security methods, intelligence and investigation protection. It is a very wide area, and there is a program to tackle each area, whatever the program, certain courses agree with the qualification for certification.

Training in a security company provides a person with a wider knowledge of intelligence services, effective response and handling investigation crimes. It gives an individual the desire to protect people from several crimes (D 1). In training, there are several qualities that a person has to have or to develop beforeentering into a training program. The chief qualities are commitment, dedication and service to all citizens. A trainee takes an oath to be their all times to protect the interests of a country and its citizens.

It is an oath that should be taken seriously because it can implicate a person. If something happens to the country, that which could be prevented, the security officers are suppose to answer. If a person breaks this oath, then he is eligible to be jailed. This training and oath taking applies to both private and corporate security programs. Training in a security company is a very tasking experience.

A person has to be healthy because it requires a lot of practices. If a person is presented with a situation, that he has to chase a criminal on the run, he has to do it practically. He carries the necessary weapon, dressed in the security clothing and chases one of his colleagues as a practical session. This, therefore, show that a person has to be very swift, because sometimes this criminal turns on a security officer and he has to duck for cover especially if they are also shooting (D 1). There is a security code that helps the security people relate to other firms, industries and the government. This code helps security officers to develop guiding principles, for example, to be in the forefront in the developing laws, and regulations that protect the community, environment and workplaces.

In training the security officers, communication is vital. Information is crucial on security issues with the people involved, for example, when there is vehicle who hits a pedestrian then takes off, the security officers involved in the matter should extract information from any person who might have witnessed the incident. If the victim is still alive, then, the officer can try to talk that person into remembering anything that he saw. In a training firm, a program is installed where conversations in the building are monitored. Security systems like closed-circuit televisions are important for security surveillance. Keeping open and reliable lines of communication is crucial in safeguarding individuals and even the nation.

Responding to security threats is also a key factor in training security officers. It involves evaluation, response, communication and reporting security threats. Individuals and the state respond to cyber or physical security threats extremely seriously, so it is, therefore, necessary to enlighten security officers on appropriate measures to take when such incidences occur. Responding to security incidents is also an area where security officers should familiarize themselves. Security officers should be aware of the security response systems, for example, sirens in police vehicles.

They should not only be aware, but be capable of using them whenever a case needing their services arises. Course duration The course duration will depend on the training program, different organizations, such as, Executive Security International, trains for about two thousand hours. This is a complete training manual. It provides an extensive training on security services and tackles the key areas. Other companies provide individual courses for companies or organizations. This depends on what a company or an organization wants for its security personnel.

They offer courses ranging from twenty hours to forty hours depending on the course or program. Cost of Training Cost of training depends on the program taken. Individual programs are charged at sixty dollars, while specialist classes charge a fee of up to ten thousand nine hundred U.S dollars. This can be done in groups, especially for corporate organizations, which, want to train their employees.

The rates are affordable, and an individual can receive training on different courses. Evaluation and examinations There is no specific examination in security training. Exams are mainly practical training sessions. A trainee is presented with a situation where, he has to respond to an alarm, if he does the correct thing and protects that situation then marks are awarded on how efficient his response is. This mark allocation is based on a trainee’s ability to respond to situations promptly and effectively. If a trainee is clumsy and does not follow instructions, then, he is awarded a fail grade.

If he wants continue to the next level, then, he has to take the whole training process again. Grades are awarded in terms of fail, re-sit, A’s, B’s, C and D’s depending on your ability to recount and enact procedures presented in the training process (D3). CertificationThis means that, being certified that a person has completed the training process and has passed. This is done with the discretion of the supervisors. Marks are allocated, but the main point is from the supervisors. The supervisors tell the whole training process because they are there when the whole process is being done.

They will tell of a trainee’s ability and his promptness to respond to distresses (D 2). A certificate is, therefore, issued when the supervisors and administrators are satisfied that the trainee is fit to provide security services to the public, corporate organizations and to executive personnel. This act is to ensure that no one goes to the station without proper training process (D 4). A certificate is then issued to those trainees who have completed all the processes successfully. The certificate attests to the fact that the trainee has not only completed the training but that he is also fit to work for any corporation (D 2). Conclusion Security is tremendously beneficial to a country, because citizens of any country enjoy staying in places where they are protected.

It is, therefore, important that the state take the security of its citizens very seriously. Training services are available in various cities, in different countries. It is, therefore, beneficial that companies and organizations train their security personnel periodically. This will ensure that the security personnel are informed incase of new technology in the security system. Training also provides a platform in which a company can re-evaluate its employees in their response to security incidences.

Security is the backbone of any country, especially, when its economy is on the rise. It is critical to protect a country’s economy.