Should Capital Punishment Be Made a Federal Law?

Capital punishment should be made a federal law because it can save money in, court cases, taxes, and prisons. Capital punishment is a good thing for society because it will cut down on the bad people that we have in the world and maybe able to save some of the good ones.

If people commit rape, murder, kidnapping, child molestation, or like crimes they should be put in the line for the electric chair. Capital punishment should be a law across the nation because if there are people out their committing these crimes I think they should be in this world anymore. It’s the golden rule, “Do to others as you want them to do to you”, if you want to kill someone then you should also be killed. Making capital punishment a federal law would save money for prisons and taxes could be spent better. It is shown that an inmate on death row willl cost more than twice as much ($49,803), then an inmate that will not be put to death ($22,378). An inmate can end up racking up $750,000 over a thirty year period, this shows just how many appeals some people can get.

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(“Financial Costs of the Death Penalty,” Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho Legislature, March 17, 2014) With over $50 billion dollars going to the prisons and these people why should we be paying all that money for some one that is going to die anyways compared to some one that could realize their wrong doings and end up turning their lives around. This money could be spent in beter places where its really needed like, education, health care, and military. The capital punishment law would have to be pretty extensive. It would have to be where the offender could only have so many appeals for the fact that they couldn’t sit on death row for 10 years and waste away. The average person on death row will be there for about 10-15 years. (“Death row population is graying,” USA Today, February 10, 2005) The amount of appeals should only be able to go up to the state level courts.

Death penalty cases cost on average $395,762 per case, compared to $98,963 where the death penalty was used. (“Report of the Judicial Council Death Penalty Advisory Committee,” Judicial Council, Kansas Legislature, Feb. 13, 2014″) The first number is so much higher because of all the appeals that are put in place during these cases. Cutting down on the amount of times that offenders will be able to appeal will really cut down on costs of these people because money will not have to go to pay for their meals, housing, or clothing. Nor will the costs of more and more trails have to be payed. Also all of the killings would be carried out by lethal injection and the chemicals and doses would have to be tested and known to kill peacefully before used on the offender.

While there are many arguments against the death penalty. One that many people know is that the death penalty is considered uncostiontional. Most people say that the death penalty is considered uncostiontiotional because it could be cruel and unuasual punishment which vilolates the eighth amendment. While some may see it this way I see it as the person that commited that crime really messed up some ones life or even ended it while they really didn’t have to. Plus it really isn’t cruel or unsual, it is by lethal injection which is fast and uauslly peaceful. I read a story saying that a man was convicted of murder and a single jurer decided to save him from the death peanlty.

His living coditions are that he know lives in a small concrete cell all by him self. He stays in this cell for tweanty three hours a day and gets one hour a day to exercise in an empty concrete pool. He has no excess to other inmates and rearly has interaction with any gaurds. That sounds more like cruel and unuasal punishment to me the peacfully being put out by lethal injection. If capital punishment was made a federal law it could do a lot of good for economic purposes. It would save prisons money, most court cases wouldn’t be so expensive, and taxes could go to better places.

While it some may see it as wrong it may be able to do well and help fix some issues we have in our world. I feel that making the death penalty a national law it may really help.