Essay on Should College be Free?

Imagine if there is a girl from a poor family. She got accepted to her dream college. But by the time she opened the letter, her feelings suddenly switched from surprised to shocked. The tuition fee is forty-five thousand dollars, and it is not something her family could afford.

Even if she got accepted, there is nothing she could do except finding another college that is way cheaper than this. Education is valued as the key of future in the United States. That’s why education is free starting from elementary school to high school. However, college costs a lot, more than regular families can afford. By now, only 17 percent of American population earned an undergraduate degree. Is overwhelmed college cost part of the reason why? Would cheaper college cost make a higher level of education? Definitely.

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With cheaper college cost, students will be able to work hard for their dream college without having to worry about the charges. Going to an university is different from elementary school, middle school, and high school, the expenses are much more unaffordable. However, the tuition fee doesn’t only include the “Education cost,” but also costs for technology, electricity, and a lot more. Even so. Having an expensive college tuition it’s clearly not the best way of solving this problem.

Taxes paid all the tuition fees from elementary to high school education, the same thing can happen to colleges. A decent amount of people get the scholarship they want, so it is possible of having less or no college tuition by using taxes to pay those. With more money raised for education in taxes, students will be able to use their money on other activities, like sports teams, music lessons, etc. College should be free like every other times through education. Students get education for making this country, and for finding a better job. With a high level of education, the country will be able to develop faster.

In my opinion, education, especially college education is very considerable to the development of scientific research and a lot more discoveries like this. Many say, “There is a price for everything.” The regular college tuition fee mostly doesn’t include the living cost. Especially when students go to college at a large city and it is hard to even pay the tuition fee. Most students has been told that college is the key to getting a good job and live their dreams, and most are told not to worry about the costs.

But reality is exactly opposite from what has been told, the costs are the key whether you can or cannot go to the college you want to. My cousin, smart and hard working, tried his best to get accepted by his dream college. Failed. Just because her family couldn’t afford the overwhelming tuition fee. I felt really bad for him, it was his dream of getting in to the college he wanted to, but just because of the tuition fee, everything is out of control.

When I was younger, I didn’t feel as strongly about my cousin’s situation as now. Same as my cousin, I have a dream college, too. But I understood from my cousin’s situation, that it doesn’t take only good grades to go to college. Some people might think that loaning is a good way of solving this issue. But I can give you a direct answer– NO.

Loaning gives students pressure, and it takes away a lot of student’s free time to socialize. But even if kids take time to do jobs on their free time, it doesn’t help with all this loan that’s been lend. Research shows that Americans now owe more than 875 billion dollars on student loans, which is more than what Americans owe on credit cards. This fact shows me how much americans owe for students loans, and it tells me that students are not able to pay the loans they lend throughout college years. Making college free would make a higher average level of education in the US.

But without thinking about education, money, and jobs. I believe that everyone’s like me, wanting to go to a good university of their dreams. Not just to get a good degree and get a higher income. But to get an education to protect those they love and those who loves them. And I believe everyone would work hard for their parents, who supports them all the time.

By having no college tuition fee, students will get a goal to work for. And this tells them: If you work hard, there is nothing that can stop you from approaching your dream.