Should First Aid be Taught in Schools?

There has long been discussion and debate on the topic of first aid being taught in schools. Some people agree that teaching first aid wastes time, money, and that most kids won’t even remember what they learned. Some people however, agree that by teaching first aid in schools, they are saving lives.

This paper is going to argue why first aid should be taught in schools. First aid is something many people want to do. According to a research, 80% of surveyed people claim they would be viewed more positively within their communities. 72% of the surveyed people say they would want to learn first aid training. In another test, most of the teachers interviewed say that if it were up to them, they would put first aid training in schools.

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Many people agree that first aid training is important, so why not start it within schools? One of the most common reasons first aid is not taught in schools is due to cost, stated Linkedin. Schools think it is expensive to teach first aid in schools. Even though it can sometimes be expensive, basic first aid training can save many lives! In most cases, basic first aid training is actually free! According to the American Red Cross, they will come into schools and teach first aid to the students for free. Another excuse to not teach first aid in schools is because teachers say they don’t have room in their curriculum to teach it.

Although this is frequently true, couldn’t they make room for something as important as first aid training? Many people think that medical emergencies are much too rare to happen to them so they don’t even bother trying to learn it. This however, is not true. Emergencies can find anybody anywhere, and it’s always best to be prepared. Accidents can happen at any time. The more people that know how to help someone in a medical emergency, the better.

The knowledge of first aid can mean the difference between life and death. In fact, an article, stated: out of a group of surveyed people, 69% of them said that if there was a medical emergency that needed first aid, they would not know how to help. Because of the lack of first aid knowledge, innocent lives are lost everyday. There have been many young students that have saved lives due to first aid training in schools, and that really makes a difference in the world. In fact, there have been many stories reported about people being saved by strangers. In conclusion, there are too many people that don’t know basic first aid.

By teaching it in schools, there would be millions more people that understand how to help in a medical situation, making the chances of living through a medical emergency much higher. Accidents can find you anywhere, no matter how healthy you are. The more people trained to save lives, the healthier and happier our world is.