Should I Pack My Lunch?

Not everyone loves the murderous school lunches. The students that are in the Public Schools have seriously gross food. Someone needs to change that. As soon as we have more people stand up or don’t get the lunch, it would be a whole lot better for the people that make the lunches to figure out that they are super nasty and no one likes them.

“We once lived in a golden age of cookies; now we’re suffering through a dystopian world,” said Curran, a senior. “It was the rise and fall of cookies.” The food at Bremen Public School is extremely gross and no one would want to eat it. the kids at Bremen hate most of the lunches because they took away what most of the kids really liked: Breadsticks. They should really give us improved food because kids and their parents choose the food they eat anyway. It’s not like there is a law that says “everyone has to eat a salad for lunch and no candy or junk food”.

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Parent’s aren’t too elated about what their children have to eat either. The people that have children here at school, don’t like the meals. If the kid wants pizza, give them pizza. Obama said that we should eat like that and thats what the schools shall serve. But just because serving that doesn’t mean that we have to eat it. Making us eat it doesn’t mean that we’re going to like it, but if we’re hungry, we will eat it.

In conclusion, most people that our school lunches are so unbearable, that they shouldn’t even be an option to eat. We should order good food, and maybe charge more for it. Or at least just get rid of the nauseating food they put on the menu.