Should Students be Separated?

Separation is the act or state of moving or moved apart. Separation is mostly done through or caused by the categorizing of things and put together accordingly. Separation also occurs in schools. Students, as elements of a class, should never be separated, especially by academic abilities and test performances. Separating them can cause a limitation to grow even better, academically.

Max, a student from Freedom Writers, once stated, “It’s different working with others. You might have one idea of how you want it to turn out, but they have a different brain and they might have another idea about it.” When I was in fifth grade, my teacher made us experience the separation process. He divided us into six groups of six and numbered each from one to six. He then took everyone’s monthly test scores, and placed us in our groups accordingly. The higher you’re the more chances of you getting a seat in group one.

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Students of higher test scores, who all sat in the same group, excelled extremely well while those who have a low test score showed no improvement. Well, how would they get plenty of help from those who seek the same help they do? Mr Ballesteros, a teacher, once stated as his belief, “Students learn better from other students, especially those who know what they’re doing.” Students should never be separated in class according to abilities and test performances. Students need to interact with these academically different from them to widen and broaden creativity and thinking.