Should Students Study Tupac or Not?

Some people still call him the greatest till this day some people say he’s an animal with no self control. Personally i believe Tupac Amaru Shakur was one of the greatest rappers. And leaders alive who started and social and political movement. called ‘‘thug life” who had an positive influence on the youth and black community Many people say he was just a ‘‘drug dealer” and a ‘‘outlaw” but truthfully he was a born leader and a poet other rappers looked up to him for guidance he showed his friends the importance of having an education after being in the music industry. its Easy for people to say tupac was a bad guy when they never knew him in the movie “thug angel many people stated that tupac was very heartfelt and a loving person”.Instead of drugs and robbing tupac chose music over it all and.

“Not the sugar coated stories other celebrities put into are head”.

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