Slept Analysis

SLEPT Analysis Social Nowadays, many urban workers and students are skipping their breakfast. In Malaysia, most of the urban people will like to mix their breakfast with the lunch and call it as ‘brunch’. Breakfast is very important for everyone but the urban people especially teenagers will refuse to having breakfast due to lack of time, food not available and many other reasons. (Nurul Syahida, 2012) The breakfast culture of Malaysian is having ‘nasi lemak’.

However, now the trend of having breakfast or ‘brunch’ in Malaysia is light breakfast.

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According to department of statistics of Malaysia, the percentage of Malaysian who lives until 65 years for male is 75. 9% and 86. 0% for female in 2011. (Department of Statistics, Malaysia 2012) Besides that, the people like working people or professional who like to reach office earlier to avoid traffic jam also lacking of time to having their breakfast so that many food manufacturer try to make their product easy, healthy and convenience to consume.

Other than that, the breakfast lifestyle in Malaysia is they prefer healthy food due to the rising level of coronary disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. (Euromonitor, 2013) From Table 1 and Table 2 we can see that the life expectancy is increasing from year 1991 until year 2011.

So Malaysian will prefer taking the biscuit with coffee or drink as their light breakfast and this make the demand for biscuit in Malaysia market increase.

Moreover, according to biscuit manufacturer Hup Seng CEO Mr. Keh, their company is also changing their packaging to suitable the needs of consumer. They package the biscuit in handy-sized packaging to suitable the student, workers and professional. He also says that the handy-sized packaging will bring more demand because they can put the biscuit in their car, office, handbags, and briefcases for easy to access any time. (Zazali Musa, 2010) Mr.

Keh says that the image of having the biscuit as their breakfast is the poor men food but regarding the changing of cultural and lifestyle of Malaysian so the image of biscuit is also follow changing become no longer poor men food. Table 1 Table 2 References 1. Department of Statistics, Malaysia, 2012, Abridged Life Tables, Read on 10 May 2013 ;http://www. statistics. gov. my/portal/download_Population/files/Abridged/Jadual_Hayat_Ringkas_Malaysia_2009-2011.

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