Sobies Case

Do you agree that stores in urban centers call for unique designs and product offerings? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, I agree that the stores in urban centers call for unique designs and product offerings. There are couple of reasons for it that are given below: First of all consumers in urban areas like to purchase smaller portion of food because most of them are single or couple and don’t have space to store food.

That’s why most of the urban stores have smaller scale packaging. Most of the urban stores offer a variety of food.

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They have a lots of sections of prepared food, take out items, coffee sections. There is also fish counter, butcher item, deli etc. Another important thing is environment. Urban stores have an environment of urban feelings. The urban building structure, buffed and tinted roof, original concrete floor, Glassed winnow, hand cut green wallpaper etc always provide a urban feel.

The is a balance between design and functionality.

Lighting throughout the store is also used o emphasize the focus on food. Urban areas customers like diversity. The stores have different types of products, different brand, fashion which make it more diversify. 2) Identity another retailer that has tailored its retail strategy and/or in- store design to meet the needs of the urban market. 1) Answer: H & M is a big clothing store which is related to retailing.

This store retailing store is situated only in the urban areas, where they can attract more customers. H&M don’t have any retail chain in rural areas.