Sociological Analysis on Current Events

The state of the nation relatively depends on the whole governmental influence that the people have elected. This domain of the society provides the most basic standards on how to address the total welfare dilemmas of the whole population. With regards to the way the people introduce their leaders to their personal judgments, it is very much of a concern how this problem would eventually affect the whole social structure of the population. A significant turn around and evaluative response should be considered if the citizens really care about their right to have a good and functional government.The article imposes the relative truth that the trends in setting up the intention of the two parties involved in leadership are now starting to be more like of a play that is basically controlled by the money generating domains of corporate institutions.

Luckily the author has implied that the first step to realizing how bad the situation of the party system lies in the overall assessment of the middle class whether the policies driven are more of an urgent concern in public policy. As noted,  parties love to excite their bases by focusing on wedge issues like gay marriage, the pledge of allegiance, school prayer, judicial appointments, gun control, stem cell research and welfare reform which are not really of urgent concern if the general public policy is to be considered (Dobbs). He has exemplified that more and more conditions of public trusts are implicating the disgust of the observing public.The dilemma of this situation lies greatly on the social impact of how the Republicans and the Democrats introduce their own ways of thinking regarding public issues as standardized by them.  An encouragement to take “war” action in awakening both parties is somewhat very promising in all aspects.

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However, the true social implication of this note could mean very distressing results from the whole social domain.  It is necessary to first understand what factors may bring sufficient changes for the social function of the whole middle class population. Do they have the capability? Can they do it at the soonest possible time?One point that stresses the effects of this kind of idea would be in the domain of political policy. If the general public is to uphold their disgust towards these parties, it is not impossible that we see the maximum effects of having a mob rule, to the most extreme condition. Such exposition of apathy in the article have unidentified and invisible influence to the social understanding of an individual who may also agree to the points stressed by the writer.  This may damage the overall ability of the person to implement a personal observation scheme to help him actually experience and ponder what is truly happening in the party system.

In such cases, it may not be possible to draw conclusions of personal choice if the intellectual capacity of an individual is already inhibited by the ideas of disgust. The achieved status factor of the individual may no longer be taken into consideration if the whole population is inclined to believe the article’s arguments.Another possible sociological effect that can be extracted would be in the issues of alienation. The whole federal view of the society in the United States is very much induced to increase the power of democratic influence among the internal civil domains as well as to the international community. If in any case the middle class would greatly appreciate the use of revolutionary form of replacement of the Republicans and the Democrats, there will be a complete alienation to what the Americans have instituted since time immemorial, the use of democracy.

Of course, it has been noted that the party system were already voided off its capability to set as an independent and thinking institution, but the large influence of capitalism to support the personal interest of money cravers have provided a rather gloomy effect on the true justification of their public policies.The discussions of problems in the social function were no longer significant to the public’s welfare. There are no longer correspondences in the core concerns of the people. It is just so fortunate that the American society is primarily composed of the middle class. The effects of unnecessary policies may not take its toll to the public yet, but the impact will adversely be encountered in the future of the people itself.

As with any large corporations, its influence is set forth in the control of the people to acquire its approval by selling its products and services.This is also true if capitalists will eventually take over the principles of the Republicans and the Democrats. The people will no longer identify if they are actually being used to partake in the ballooning of the capitalist’s interest, this is very much possible especially if the majority of the elected officials are inclined to view the government policies as just mere instruments that need financial mechanism to get implemented. The dysfunction of the policies in the government will change the way people and the governing body interacts to set a primary goal of social harmony. It will be the case of those corporations will eventually rule out the public policies and take part in modifying them to fulfill their personal interests.

The writer of the articles has provided a rather very good acknowledgment on how money happens to lobby its interest in the overall capacity of the government to decide what is right and wrong.The article also signified the truth in the possibility of having a lesser or decreasing number of people who are still interested in partaking in the selection of future leaders. It can’t be denied that even the significance of one’s vote will have to be sacrificed in favor of the larger volume of the interest of a little percentage of the institutionalized government. The writer may have provided a very sound and very realistic claim but he was not able to consult himself how this objective thought would be having a negative impact to the overall electoral process of the nation. Of course, it is appealing to see that someone else feels the same way as treated by the larger political unit, but having to discuss the very low value of one’s preference in votes may lead to an unnecessary hatred of the public to the current government function.The writer was not taking into consideration what sociological impact it may have to write such claim that a person’s vote is no longer significant in inflicting change in the society.

He undermines the fact that a possible outrage may be felt just by instigating that a vote has no worth at all even if the intention of the person is pure and clean by his own respect. Moreover, it wouldn’t be very healthy for the society to induce a rather sadistic approach of telling the public that they no longer have a voice or that they are no longer heard by their leaders. The thought of bringing an opinion to disclose the zero value of the population’s perception may cause a very special form of institutional discrimination where the side discriminated is of the larger volume of the society. Among the Democrats and the Republicans, there will no longer be assimilation of groups because the notion of representative democracy is no longer necessary if what to consider is the natural tendency of the people to revolt against what they see as delimiting factor to their welfare.It is always a good point to exploit the resources of person’s capability for the betterment of the larger number of the population.

However, it should also be significant to first identify what possible social implications might result in presenting a personal opinion rather than ideas of agreement presentation. A person who is dealing in the relative vulnerable minds of the public should always take precautionary measures to avoid injecting his own realizations in any ideas he whishes to convey.