Something About Myself

Never give up, never back down!!! I’ve been through a lot of hard times in my life. Including personal problems, my parents divorce, and deciding what to do with my life and where I want life itself to take me. Through all that I have learned to never give up on anything or back down on it because you’ll get so much farther in life. I’ve built my whole life around that quote to help me through everything.

To get my mind off everything I work out as an escape. That’s always the one thing I can turn to get away from all of my problems and relieve my stress. That is why I’ve decided to a personal trainer to show people it doesn’t have to just be a stress reliever, but to make it a lifestyle. Like I did for myself. The one thing that has been a path I have been looking down is personal training.

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I’ve seen the stuff they do and people they handle. I’ve been working out for about 4 years, and I want to show people what I did to change myself, so they can change themselves. I want to be to be able to push people and have that effect on their life to know that I helped them change something huge. As you workout that much you begin to strive for it every day. If I don’t work out the day feels like it’s not right. A lot of people don’t like it a lot but as you progress the love for it rises.

Every time I look in the mirror I see a little difference and I see things I still want to change so I strive to get better. I work harder and harder to get the results I want. Walking around and people be able to tell a difference in you boosts your confidence. That is what you get from working out. Becoming a trainer is huge and you get to change people’s lives every single day.

They get their confidence boosted, and you give them tips to help them. You can’t just dread it, you have to want it. You have to want a change and have that drive to change yourself and improve every day decisions. This whole field is important to me because it is what I love. I love to workout it is a high passion of mine.

It connects to my whole life because I base everything around working out. My whole schedule is based around that one thing. I chose personal training for the fact of I have had a lot of hands on with that field. Being in the gym 24/7 you see a lot of things. You see every day people reaching their goals and being pushed to reach them.

You can’t expect a trainer to be easy on you and become your best friend. Making a physical change takes a lot of heart. You have to believe in yourself and know you can do it all. I have gone through sessions myself with a trainer and they have showed a lot that has stuck in my head. Working out for as long as I have shows a lot of experience.

I have gone through so many different techniques to find the right one. Every day in the gym I look around and watch people work out to see if I could change up anything I am doing and I do end up learning something new that I never knew about before. The certification I need is NASM. It’s a certification that only few schools offer and most are online. It’s a few months course and during that time you get your books that teach you absolutely everything about every part of the body. In that short time you know it all about working out.

To fully get your certification you have to take a test. Everything in those books are on the final test. After that I can move on and receive my certification. I plan on starting off small at where I work now at cardinal fitness to get a few clients. From there I want to gradually move up to a huge gym like lifetime. That is my plan to success and I plan to achieve it all.

This is very important to me with the hands on training I have had myself. It connects to this career because hands on is how you learn. Without it you have no experience or anything. I am so positive in my life because I know where I’m at currently and I know where I want to be. It all comes down to drive and what is ahead for me in my life.

I want to change people’s lives and have a huge effect. Through all of this I have learned a lot about all of the different muscles. How they work and what exercise works what, and has the biggest effect. I know more than a typical guy who has only been working out for a year because I have so much more experience, and that is what counts.