Sony Analysis

I’m going to present a piece of writing on “Sony Reaches Deal to Share in Google‘s E-Book Library”. Sony has had one competitor: and intends to win the crown for the largest percentage of the digital names in an e-book library. It has hence announced agreement with Google to put together a half million copyright-free books accessible for its Reader device, a competitor to the Amazon Kindle.

While in 2004, Google has looked into about seven million books. Their foremost sources are from institutions of higher education and collections from study library. Models like “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” by Mark Twain, and “The Awakening,” by Kate Chopin, together with the difficult-to-get titles in the vein of “The Letters of Jane Austen” Sony is directing its strength on providing a stage for accessing as much information as possible easily (Stone, par 2). Therefore it intends to work with Google to accomplish this. However their financial treaty was not disclosed.

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Sony looks forward to slowing down Amazon.Kindle’s zeal through the partnership formed and through its lately long-drawn-out library. Amazon at present has 250,000 books in its Kindle library; however it insists that they are the books the public is mainly facinated to read, like fresh releases and most excellent sellers. Sharp criticism has been heard from Amazon’s chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos, who “started a science-and-literature summer school for children after his freshman year” (Kaufman, par 1) says that the work made available to Sony by Google is “easy to get since there are no copyrights attached”( Stone, par 3).

Efforts have been made by Google to program books in a free of charge; unfasten electronic publishing design, ePub, which makes them straightforward to comprehend on devices similar to the Reader. The company’s aim is to step by step raise the quantity of copyright-free books inside the Google Book Search directory accessible to Sony as well as any supplementary e-book dispenser that shares its purpose of creating books more reachable.Google is putting on show only small bits and pieces on its Web site of books which stay put in copyright security, which are the measureless mainstream of the paperback it has examined. In an all-encompassing resolution of a class-action court case taken by writers and publishers, which is up till now to be settled by a judge, Google would have extra liberty to trade copies and divide the earnings with rights owners. Sony has woken up and is ready to compete with Amazon Kindlee. Since it has few books in the E-book catalog, its partnership with Google is the first step towards achieving their target of providing a platform for the Reader owners to easily access their seven million books.

This would be very outstanding, if it is accomplished since it has provided very few books compared with Amazon which has approximately 300,000. Sony has realized that the Amazon is a very determined company, since it has led in availing its many and interesting books online through Kindle. In fact Amazon claims that 250,000 of its books are frequently used by people because they are interesting. Therefore Sony is faced with the challenge of winning and maintaining the crowd. this has been planed well and strategically by choosing to partner with Google, specifically, because Google is highly experienced in encoding books in at no cost and in an accessible electronic make-known format.

The Amazon has sensed upcoming competition and the chief executive has said that what Google is building up for Sony, is largely available since there are no copyrights used. In real sense they are responding to the challenge posed by Sony. In conclusion Sony has made a recognizable step-up in serving its Reader owners. Therefore, with this spirit it will win the crown and get more content for Reader owners.