Space Exploration

Have you ever looked up at a starry night and said “how do I get there”? There are many wonders of space and many ways to get there.

This essay will help you choose.Rovers are very useful for scouting out faraway lands from earth. Spaceships also allow us to send people to space to explore hard to reach places in space. Future technologies will help with future space travel. Space exploration has evolved from rovers, spaceships, and the ever expanding future of space travel.

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Rovers are a key aspect for space exploration and travel. The first rover was a lunar rover also known as moonbugie was ridden by an astronaut. It has four wheels and had 1 to 2 seats . Most late Apollo missions used the lunar rover. Mars rovers were not ridden by an astronaut,but manned from Earth. Mars rovers are sent to mars to identify minerals and discover resources and study terrain.

Mars rovers usally have six wheels, a high grade satlitte to communicate to earth,and solar panels to keep it going. We communicate with rovers with the dps system (deep space network) which is a network of satellites on earth placed around the world. Few brave souls dare to venture into the deep void of space. The vostok Programme was the first successful mission to send a man into orbit in space. Project mercury was the united states first human flight space program.

Theirgoals were to orbit a man around the earth to investigate mans ability to function in space and bring back both man and space craft. TheApollo’s Goals were to establish technology in space for the USA, have scientific exploration on the moon. The ISS (Internation Space Station) was made by several countries. The first piece was launched by Russia and the rest was made by 16 other counties that launchered their pices together. The future of space travel is very exciting and dangerous. The Mars 2020 rover is a plan to send a rover to Mars in 2020 It is a advanced design.

The new horizons mission was to take pictures of Pluto and know it is on its way to the Kuiper belt. The James Webster telescope is planned to launch in October 2018.The NICA (Nasa Innovative Advanced Concepts) is working on what seems fiction,like hibernation pods. So when you emerge a 30 year nap in a hibernation pod you will look back at the past and realize you are in the future. Can you imagine discoveringa new resource from a rover on mars? Can you imagine flying out of earth’s atmosphere andgoing to the place that few dare to go to? Ceartenly next time you look up into that starry night you will know how to get there.