A star forms from particulate dust and stray atoms of gas, mainly hydrogen. A mysterious force pushes this gas and dust together, eventually producing more heat than anything on Earth in a process known as fusion. When fusion begins and the pressure of it equalizes with the pressure of gravity, the star is born. It spends ninety percent of its life in this stage until all available fuel is consumed.

In its first stages of death, it grows enormously and glows red. A star that is massive implodes on itself, producing a brilliant explosion known as a supernova. In the aftermath, sometimes the final stage of a massive star is a black hole. In the United States, there is a common misconception that bigger is better. Many people (myself included), would think that massive stars are the best, and in some ways they are great.

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It is a miracle that something fantastic can be formed from what seems like a miniscule occurrence. It is a miracle that the inside of a star can find perfect harmony with everything that pushes against it. It is a miracle that it can spend the majority of its life in its prime; however, as the star decays, it shows its uglier side. In the red giant stage, it takes up more space and draws unnecessary attention to itself, soon dying in a giant explosion. Some would say that the residue of supernovae gives birth to new stars, but black holes suck in everything, including light.

Massive stars often go out in style and destruction. I want to be a star, but not a massive one. I want to form from nothing. I want to discover solidarity, and radiate energy for my entire life. I want not to go out with a bang, leaving destruction and sucking the life out of all that exists. Medium-sized stars simply shed their outer layer in the death, forming a breeding ground for stars known as a nebula.

Nothing is hurt. Everything is beatific. Some may ask why one would aspire to be anything less than massive. To that I would say that the Sun is a medium-sized star. Look at life and all that surrounds you, and try telling me that it isn’t absolutely amazing.