Steps for Success

Success can be for so many things and in differents point in life. For me, being successful is way far in my life.

Right now I’m just learning how i can be successful. I had always dream of having a successful career. I want to make my parents proud show them that i can do anything that i propose to myself. My dreams are going to college to go to the medical field and being successful. Why is going to the medical field a dream of mine? It is because i like helping other as much as i can.

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Especially when i can prevent them from getting very sick. I want to be good on what i study for especially if i study for year’s on my career. To get to my career i need steps and the first step is coming to school everyday and not being late. The second step is staying out of trouble and getting good grades. The third step is taking the classes that are required.

The fourth step is getting my GPA at the number that is required to the college that i’m going to be attending. The fifth step is getting as much information as i can about my career. The sixth step is researching the colleges that is the best interest for me. The seventh step applying to the college that i want. The eighth step is taking the course that i need to get to the medical field. To get to my dream i’m going to need as much help as i can.

For example discussing with my family about the career that i’m going to be taking. Having my family support will be very important for me either emotional support or financial support.Getting help from my teachers and my counselors about discussing the right college for me to go to is a very important. Getting help from my teachers and counselors is very important, because they have experience on applying to colleges and helping student get to the college for their interest. Also my counselor can help me get or go to a mentor, would be very helpful on deciding if it’s the right career for me to take. This is a dream of my hopefully i can achieve my dream