Steps to Success

America’s involvement in the liberation of France with alliance proves a superior instance of empowerment beyond troubles.

In personal cases of my own, I’ve displayed similar conduct in several aspects of my life. For example, I involved myself in the application system for the county schools, regardless of the fact that I felt unsure of myself and knew little about the schools. I also knew from early on that I would face extreme embarrassment and self doubt if I didn’t get in. In addition, I knew that getting in could be a detriment to my friendships. But in the end, the challenges are worth it–for they build character and strength. I recently discovered that I had been accepted to attend for the physiology program.

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And I owe that to my courage in applying despite stress and doubt.The uncertainty was nerve-racking, but I always remembering through the doubt that I have come so far. Prior to knowing of the good tidings, I simply said to myself to look how far I have come, not how much I have left to go. Although there is always myriad room for improvement, I’ve matured and succeed so much to achieve my current stage. When there are challenges, I believe and thus accept.

A suitable mantra for my application experience is “Hope for the best, Brace for the worst.” If that philosophy is followed, preparation will be present for failure, but also optimism regarding success. Believe in yourself, but humbly accept failure as well. Through challenges, I deem myself capable of achieving success through the face of the unknown. In the course of World War II, America partook in an allied invasion of France, despite doubt and challenge.

The invasion of Normandy turned out to be a successful victory as well as a climax in World War II. Without alliance, trust, hope, and of course, preparation, such successes would not be capable of the troupes in alliance– the United States, Britain, and Canada. The success over nazi Germany displays an alternative philosophy on achieving success through obstacles and unknown. The alliance was core to the success and supports that in the face of the unknown, challenges can be tackled by groups and allies, opposed to a single, helpless person. At the conclusion of D-Day, the western piece of Europe was emancipated from nazi rule.

With the companionship and effort, those under nazi rule would never have been liberated from depravity. Several instances display tactics of achieving success despite difficulties. From what was seen in personal instances of my own, optimism, preparation, hope, and acceptance proved necessary characteristics in achieving success. Additionally, victorious results were obtained as well on D-Day by alliance and trust. By enduring the cons of fear and unknown, and reaping the opportunities provided by challenges, capability and success is achieved. Beyond fear, their lies freedom and victory.

When unknown or doubt is present–believe, accept, trust.