Student Narrative Essay

American Life in the Seventeenth Century 1607-1692 The Big Question: In what ways did life In 17th Century Colonial America create the foundation for our current society, and what aspects were very different from our current society? Terms and People (who/what/when/significance) Stony Rebellion Indentured servants Nathaniel Bacon Lisper’s Rebellion Royal African Company Anthony Johnson Middle passage William Berkeley Half-Way Covenant Headlight system Bacon’s Rebellion Congregational Church Salem Witch Trials Discussion Questions 1 . Who controlled southern society and why? 2.

How were slavery and tobacco cultivation interrelated? 3.

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To what extent did slavery exist in the Northern Colonies? Why did it exist as it did? Why did slavery grow to such an important institution in Colonial America? 4. Why did Nathaniel Bacon lead a rebellion In VA? What does this rebellion reveal about conditions In colonial Virginia? What major change happened as a result of this rebellion (hint: deals with labor)? 5. In what ways did a new African-American culture begin to develop in Colonial America? 6. What factors made the Massachusetts Bay Colony a healthier place to live than Valhalla? 7. Describe the “New England way of life”.

What were the causes of the Salem Witch trials and what effects did they have? 9. In what ways was land ownership significantly different in Puritan society compared to the South? Why was family life in New England so different from family life in the South? 10. In what ways were all American colonists the same? Read Makers of America: “From African to African American” pigs. 78-79 and answer the following question. 1 1 .

What enabled African Americans in the Chesapeake region to develop societies where? unusually for the history of slavery?the population reproduced and grew through natural increase?

What does this suggest about the nature of families under slavery? Discussion Questions from Chapter 3 in Zion – responses will NOT be collected but you must be prepared to discuss this info. In class. 1. What did Bacon’s rebellion reveal about colonial life? 2. What contributed to the numbers of poor that braved the Journey to come to America and what were some characteristics of their life in the colonies? 3. Evaluate 1 OFF colonial period; the distinction between rich and poor became sharper.

” Define the role and makeup of the elite, middle, and lower classes and how the upper classes maintained control. For Your Information- Past A. P.

Essay Questions from this area of study: 1. Although many Northerners and Southerners later came to think of themselves as having separate civilizations, the Northern and Southern colonies in the 17 the & 18TH centuries were in fact more similar than different.

Assess the validity of this generalization. (1975) Also refer to Chips 2-3 for this one. 2. How did economic, geographic, and social factors encourage the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the southern colonies between 1607-1775? (2001) Refer to Cop 5 as well. 3. Think there might have been a colonial question on last year’s AP exam, but I will have to look!! 🙂