Students Living in Hostels or Dormitories Are More Practical Than Those These Living with Families


ARSHAD HOSSAIN SECTION : 13 ID : 13101183 SUBMITTED TO: SANJIDA AFRIN KHAN TOPIC “STUDENTS LIVING IN HOSTELS OR DORMITORIES ARE MORE PRACTICAL THAN THOSE THESE LIVING WITH FAMILIES” OUTLINE Introduction: * Topic sentence. * Background Information: Basic information about the students who live in hostels or dormitories ; who live with their families. * Thesis statement Body: Reason – 1: Living in Hostels or dormitories have to be hardworking (a) Have to do their own work (b) Have more responsibilities * Reason – 2: Create own ideas (a) Have to think more than others (b) Have to think out of the box * Reason – 3: Need to be more active and sincere (a) Have to work well with others (b) Have good behavior with roommates * Reason – 4: Discover him/herself (a) Discovers own capabilities Counter Argument: * Don’t understand family bonding. * Sometimes get frustrated. Sometime become undisciplined. Refutation: Living alone one can get enough freedom to face the reality, to make their ideas sharp and become more practical ; innovative.

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Conclusion: * Restating the claim * Adding points / suggestion. There is a saying that, students living in hostels or dormitories are more practical and innovative than those living with families. Now-a-days we see many students living in hostels or dormitories in Bangladesh.

They leave their families mostly, for a better situation regarding their educational institute, which maybe for better education or for reducing the distance and live close to their institute. However, I think students living alone without any help from their families become much practical with their way of living.

These students living without the moral help of their families have to live alone or other students, who is same as him or her. As time goes on they cope with the situation. I support this idea for many reasons but in the first place I have to mention that these students have to be hard-working.

Living alone they have to do each of their everyday work by themselves. They have to take each of their chores and complete those in time; otherwise they have to face many problems. They have to take their own responsibilities of their daily necessary works such as, eating, sleeping and the way of living everyday life and still keeping a well maintained study time.

Furthermore, living with roommates, these students have to be more creative. They have to create their own ideas. These students can’t think like any other students living with the support of their families.

They have to think a bit further than regular. This is why they have to think completely out of the box.

They need to generate their own ideas to keep track and do each of their own works altogether. This is one of the most important reasons of them being practical and innovative. Additionally, these students have to be active in living their own way of life and also sincere to others. Students can’t live alone, so in these hostels or dormitories they have to live with students like themselves. Furthermore, they have to be active; they have to be there for each other.

They must show sympathy to each other and therefore, each of them become good friends and they support each other in their time of need.

For this reason, they become very sincere. Finally the most important reason of all is that these students discover themselves. All this time living all alone without any family, can break one mentally, but resisting all the pain and cope up with all the troubles truly makes one reach his/her limit. Therefore he/she discovers his/hers own capability and allows them to sharpen their capabilities to its peak.

Nevertheless, despite all the reasons there are some problems regarding these students too. Some claim that these students living without their family for so long forget the meaning of a family.

They don’t know much about family bonding. Even in the future when they have a family of their own, they lack the bonding with their family and focus more on their work. Moreover, these students sometimes get frustrated with their life. They can’t focus with their studies attentively. They feel very lonely deep inside. They think no one cares about them and have mental pressure.

For this, some students get much undisciplined. People complain that, some students in our country become heavy smokers and without any supervision of any adult on them they have no fear for anyone and sometimes lose control over what they should or shouldn’t do. Even though some people stand against the idea of students living alone, still, I strongly believe that living alone one can get more freedom to face the reality of our society. With this in mind, they get to make their own ideas sharp and become more practical towards life.

In conclusion, some of these students may get into trouble but there will always be a way to find a solution.

We have to understand that, for most of the students who came from rural areas and those who live very far away from their educational institution, these hostels and dormitories are the best place to stay and get security with proper education. Each one of us has to be alone at some point in our life and for students it is the prime time to utilize this opportunity and bring out the best in them.