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Machines were restricted for Production, Transportation, and etc.

But today their functions and involvement has become so intense that we have started using them in every sphere of our life. In today’s era, Machines has created such a great impact on man such that the current generations become erratic if they are subjected to an environment where machines are absent. A machine has made many kind of human labor irrelevant. Simple machines make every day life a lot easier without a bunch of technology. The use of machines has enabled man to do work that he lacks the power to do unaided.

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Ma¬chines have also made it possible for him to harness the forces in the wind, in fuels, and in water. Without ma¬chines man would still exist in a primitive state and the progress he has made could never have come about. A machine is any device used to increase force, change the direction of force, or increase speed in pperforming work. Work is done only if something is moved by overcoming a resistance, such as friction or gravity. A simple machine has no energy source within it, so it cannot do work unless work is put into it.

Many of us have a problem handling our work or how to divide it with our limited time. We often forgot our duties in our house because we are focused on our own activities or work. Some are lazy to do chores because it allotted more time when we do our chores. In fact effective household equipments are also getting expensive nowadays. But people don’t realize that we can use craft or recycled materials for cleaning.

People are idle to think alternative ways to do their individual chores easier.

This is why the researcher thinks a n alternative way to lessen the work of every individuals that can save their time and energy. Machines set to be one of the products that man made, so significant and become main part of any individual lives. A machine clearnser is a machine that will do our mess things and can make our lives so easy. The main advantage of it is we can partly do a lot while cleaning.

Each one of us wants to have an easier life for us to finish our work on time. That’s why machines can help us to do this work for us. We have lots of chores in our house and we don’t know where to start.

Especially parent’s who have works and doesn’t have time to clean their house can be benefited to our newly invention. Since, our product is a multi-purpose one they can do their chores rapidly with the help of our product. If a house is to be a healthy place it must have all the design features already listed.

However, it is also important that everything in the house is kept clean. If the house is not regularly cleaned then rubbish and dirt will build up. Germs and parasites will multiply and grow in the dirt and people living in the house may get sick.

That’s why cleaning our house is very essential and for today’s generation there are lots of equipments that we use in cleaning our house like mops, rag, feather duster, and many more. The researcher’s product is going to make a machine cleaner that some of the equipments are there and use as the same time. The researchers also want to help the environment by using craft or recycled materials in doing the product.

In that case people can also save money in doing the same product and make their chores easier and rapidly. Moreover, it can also help our body loosen fats because we make use of bike in cleaning.