Taking Action

“One step for man and one giant leap for mankind.

” These famous words represented a decade of hard work, resilience, and fortitude. Thousands of people worked day and night through blood, sweat, and tears just to push the scientific and technological boundaries. The NASA department did what nobody thought was possible at the time. They put a man on the moon. By taking action both NASA and Steve Jobs showed people that you can push the boundaries of society by just doing what you know you can accomplish no matter what people say. In todays society the next big space mission will be to Mars but before all of the advancements in technology the most amazing accomplishment was putting a man on the moon.

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In 1969 NASA sent a mission to do just that. While many people had heard about the attempts made by NASA no one thought that it was actually possible except for the thousands of engineers that worked day and night to ensure the safety of their fellow Americans. By continually working to accomplish what other people thought was impossible NASA not only put a man on the moon but they did so by taking action. As technology has advanced and societies have become more interconnected the one company that all of these innovations come back to, Apple.

While most people know Apple as a multibillion dollar company most people don’t realize that this huge company had very modest beginnings. When Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, brought his ideas to investors hoping to expand his company from a garage they laughed in his face stating no one could compete with Microsoft and IBM. Even though no one else believed in his inventions he knew that he had to keep trying. Eventually Steve Jobs paired up with an investor willing to take a risk.

The reward was unimaginable. Steve Jobs went from operating in his parents garage to being one of the richest men in the world all because he kept with his idea and made it a reality. You don’t have to work for NASA or be the next Steve Jobs in order to take action over jut talking about the thing you plan on doing. Whether you are just thinking about doing your homework or wondering whether or not you should go to practice the the day before a game it is important to remember that as long as you take action things will work out how you want them to. Who knows maybe you could be the first person to set foot on Mars or even create your own company.